Treat Your Fitness Like A Computer Game

“Oh god he said the words computer game, I’m out!”

WAAAAAAAIT! Hear me out people. Something has changed in me lately, I’m open.  I’m receptive.  I listen to other opinions readily and without early judgement.  Those who know me well, know, that’s out of character.  Nonetheless it’s led me to this blog.

Due to my recently found receptiveness I’ve met some amazing people in the fitness and wellness arena and it’s made me listen, research, learn, agree, disagree but essentially its enriched my life for the last month.  

“What the FUCK are you talking about mate?”  you may ask.  Here it is. Having spoken to Mindfulness experts, Vegans, Nutritionists, Fighters, Yogis, Doctors, Crossfitters, Pilates trainers, Business coaches, News editors, I’ve come to realise one thing. There are so many experts/influencers out there with differing theories/programmes, how the hell are you supposed to choose what’s right for you?  I have an idea for us all.  Thank me later. 

Take a Role Playing Game on a game console.  STAY THERE non gamers.  In these games you start a with basic character.  They will generally have zero skill, physical attributes like strength and endurance.  Their mental capacity for things like negotiating or casting spells will also be at zero.  All these attributes I’ve mentioned can all improved by one thing, gaining EXPERIENCE POINTS (EXP points).  The more you interact with the game be it, fighting, buying, travelling, eating, collecting, learning your character gets awarded EXP points and starts to improve.  That’s what we’re all trying to do in life no?

We are always looking at the best and most efficient ways to train, the new healthy diet, the new adaptogenic protein smoothie, improved meditation apps, listening to self-help business geniuses.  Now I’ve tried all this lately, chatted to the corresponding influencer/expert in that field with an open mind.  I’ve added to my knowledge and skillset.  I’m certainly the fittest I’ve been in long time, I’m healthier and more mobile.  That’s me. I own a fitness studio and I’ve been training for 20 years so that’s a mild head start. However, we’re all in the same boat, we just start at different levels of experience points. 

Here’s my idea. The first thing your character in a game does and it’s what we all have to do every day. TAKE THE FIRST STEP.  Then take it from there.  Movement is the first thing we all have to do to survive. We need it to grow and adapt.  So let’s start there. Do a home workout. Do three sets of ten squats, three sets ten of push ups, three sets of thirty second plank and that’s done.  You’ve earned 10 EXP points and have improved yourself. Undebatable.

Now you build from there.  You’ve started journey, your game, your mission.  Stick with the exercise for now.  Follow the programme, discipline or influencer that you like and improve, get stronger and fitter.  Don’t overcomplicate.  Then once you’re comfortable and the exercise becomes habitual you add more EXP points.  Move on to understanding nutrition that improves your life. Nutrition is a bloody mine field that changes daily so again don’t overcomplicate. Follow a nutrition plan that is healthy, realistic, and non-processed and that’ll be enough to improve your overall wellness.  Once you’ve mastered staying on top of not ordering pizza every night then you start add more EXP points.  You’ve got options but choose ONE not several.  You can add more EXP to your fitness, become more advanced, study more nutrition options or look for another attribute to improve.  Maybe you’ll choose mindfulness, look to improve your mental capacity with brain training or meditation.  Remember to not take on too much you’ll get lost in the options. 

Gather EXP points slowly and you will become a vastly improved character in this game of life.  We all start from different levels but it’s about how you get to where you want to go.  Try it this week, have a look at your attributes, something you’re not happy with and choose ONE thing to help improve your life.

And…be open.


In Praise of the Bigger, Bolder, Superhero Era of Fitness

To be considered fit in today’s society, you have to become a superhero. Luckily, explains Niko Algieri, reaching impossible heights has never been more possible

Growing up, we idolised our superheroes. Superman could lift buildings and fly faster than a speeding all whilst looking like Mr Olympia. Batman, a genius billionaire, was an agile beast trained by ninjas. Spider-Man was a nimble hero, replete with unbelievable strength, flexibility and power.

All these traits, with the unfortunate exception of flying, are elements of fitness that we can train and develop to the point that, for a brief moment, we can feel super, too.

For men, fitness has changed forever. Think back. A decade ago, we were doing chest and arms every day, drinking protein drinks by the bucket load. Five years ago, it was all about six-days-a-week CrossFit and comparing WOD times over an agonising paleo diet. Nowadays, we’re doing more. Nowadays, we’re doing everything. And that’s a good thing. 

What has facilitated this change in male fitness? For starters, the fitness industry has become an unstoppable behemoth. Last year, in the UAE alone, the industry was valued at $380 million, and growing. 

Part of that shift came from consumer demand, which led to the explosion of app-based providers offering access to dozens of different facilities, all while charging competitive monthly membership prices like traditional gyms.

Now, fitness is so much more than a weights room. Now, we’re able, in a single week, to head freely between Barry’s Bootcamp, F45, a TRX class, CrossFit LifeSpark and wind down on Sunday with zen yoga. This variety is making us more rounded fitness machines than eve, superhero-like, even.

Social media can, in this case, also take a bow. Search #fitness on Instagram you’ll get 288.2m posts to feast your eyes on. Daily, we’re inundated with advice from fitness superstars such as The Rock, Dylan Werner, Matt Fraser, Bret Contreras and Jay Maryniak. They’re lifting, pressing, jumping, handstanding, cycling, running, swimming, stretching and posting their daily meal plans. With mentors like these, are there really any excuses left to make? 

So, how can you harness the explosion of knowledge and available classes? Start by thinking of your fitness elements as separate petrol tanks. Elements such as strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, power, balance and cardiovascular capacity all needing filling up regularly or they empty. The ambitious man should be aware of this need. Sure, it’s fantastic to bench one-and-a-half times your bodyweight but can you also handstand and then drop into a faultless downward dog while maintaining your breathing? Can you get up from there and a run a half marathon home in time to cook a nutritious meal fitted to your personal macros?

Break it down, and a rounded fitness base can be more achievable than you might imagine. Consider the different elements of fitness you are developing in that week. You’ll get your cardiovascular training and fat burning on the treadmills, you’ll build muscle and strength whilst lifting barbells at functional fitness boutiques, and develop your flexibility and mobility at yoga.

If all of this sounds a little intimidating, just remember, being a superhero isn’t all flying and benching buildings. It’s hard work, too. Remember that classic line from Spider-Man? It works just as well backwards, because, with great responsibility comes great power.


A Perfect Storm - Total Balance at Balance Festival

It's been a long time people.  Sorry for the silence. We've been working on growing the EQ family and brand.  We're nearly there on studio 2 and we'll hopefully have some news for you very soon.  

Now, We've got loads of new followers through our social media so I'll run you through the EQ story and you'll understand why at Balance the perfect storm came together to make three very memorable days.

We started Equilibrium 3 years ago with the dream of helping people realise their potential.  That doesn't mean getting a six pack, you ask for that at EQ you'll be very kindly asked to vacate the premises, it means finding balance in our 5 elements of fitness STRENGTH, SPEED, ENDURANCE, FLEXIBILITY, MIND.  It means achieving movements and developing abilities you never thought possible.  We've fulfilled that dream over and over with our clients but it can't stop there.  Jay and I have developed a class concept that will change the way fitness is approached in London but we just need the right property and it's coming...

We come from a family of fitness with my Father being ex Mr Wales and a blackbelt in Karate. My Mother, a fitness freak who still teaches 5 times a week now, and my Step-Father Graham, a former 4-time World Kickboxing Champion and boxing coach.  Imagine growing up watching these three awesome humans developing their craft, watching them training and coaching classes and individuals for our entire lives. The gift they have given us is priceless and extremely unique.  Come and do a class, you'll witness the skills they've handed down. 

My favourite Denzel Washington quote;

"Hard Work...WORKS."

That's what Jay and I have done with our business.  I've clocked up 11 years in personal training and Jay 6 years.  We eat, sleep and bleed EQ.  In London we are the masters of TRX.  That's self-proclaimed by the way.  When you know, you know.  I've now hit over 20,000 hours teaching and training my own body on the TRX.  The way we teach the famous black and yellow strap is truly original.  We took our Pilates experience, our weight training knowledge, our kickboxing flow, our footballing skill, and made our own TRX way.  Our faith in ourselves has been replicated by TRX who asked us to be their headline trainers at Balance Festival.  And here we find our perfect storm...

...two brothers, two handles, two collaborators, one festival.  I'm so proud of what we did.  When we'd finished, 15.000 people had walked passed and seen us, 450 people had experienced our teaching style on the TRX mostly for the first time and left with huge smiles.  We taught twenty three 30 minute classes with only 30mins break in between each class for 3 days straight.  At the end of each day I felt two things. The first is that it felt like I'd done 12 rounds with Tyson and the ref had allowed him to kick too.  Secondly, an immense feeling that everything we'd learned, trained, created up until that point was affirmed.  In an EQ class they're regulars.  At Balance they were newbees, beginners who wanted to try something new.  We delivered near perfect classes, technical, flowing, fun, tough in the right places and always ALWAYS seeing every individual in the class as one person not as part of a collective.  Looking back at the videos and pictures it makes me swell with pride.  We rocked it.  

BUT people we're not done there.  You. Just. Wait....

The new class concept is even better than our Total Body TRX class in it's current format.  It is the most complete class concept.  You will not have done anything like this.  You're going to love it so much that'll ask if you can sleep in the studio to get to the next mornings class.  You have to remember that Jay and I have a real WHY.  We want to make money like the rest of the other boutique classes but essentially we want to see YOU become confident, happy and strong.  Even if you're the uncoordinated , knock kneed, flat-footed, vertigo person, we will SEE you, take you in as one of our own and help you get to where you want to be.  If you're incredibly fit and every time you go to a fitness class it feels easy we'll SEE you and take it up a notch for you, you will progress those extra %'s that you're fighting for.

We'll be seeing you...



A 45-minute class or just a very complicated relationship?

Here’s a truth.  I’m a nightmare trainer when it comes to teaching classes.  I’m cocky, egotistical, rude, somewhat crass.  Of course, there’s a, however. However, I never ever miss anything because of those qualities. I’ll know everyone’s name in class and spot every technique flaw that occurs.  Otherwise, what’s the point in taking the abuse from me?

“Bold Claim Niko” I hear you cry.  Well, say.  Ok, well not say but think.

Now besides my bragging, what this leads to this week was a metaphorical discovery.  A 45minute class is a representation of a relationship with a loved one.  Also, strangely enough, I can’t completely take the credit for the amazing blog you’re about to read.  The class members that helped me stumble on this slice of genius are Joanna, Al, Stephanie, Jay, Aciele, Martin, Kels, Kirsty, and Emma.

Let’s talk this through.  You walk into a fitness studio and your partner/trainer greets you.  It’s a first date and everyone’s out to impress, on their best behaviour with smiles and pleasantries. 

You’re shown around the studio/apartment for the first time highlighting the key areas like the toilet and the shower (you never know).  You take off your coat, offered water and then chat a bit more. 

First date over we’re really moving now. It’s walking through the park together enjoying each other’s positivity and vibrancy/the class warm up.  You’re learning each other’s body and language patterns and looking forward to spending time together.

ASIDE:  This is not applicable to all.  Some clients are as much of a nightmare as I am and the relationship is already off to a bad start because you don’t know what left, right or arm or leg is.  You know who you are!

Anyway, the session starts with a bang (pun intended).  The movements are crisp and energetic/the sex is good.  There’s great music, there’s a bit of dancing, touching (appropriately or inappropriately, studio dependant) and your friends love him/her. 

Things start to heat up.  The class trainer or your bf/gf starts turning the heat up and becoming more serious.  They’re asking you to move in/do a pistol squat? Are you serious mate?  Is it a little too much too soon? Try it, it may work.

The relationship/class starts to get tough and testing.  I hate this person’s voice and that joke they keep repeating is killing me!  I’ll give it another go.  There’s ups, there’s downs/Pikes, push-ups, jump squats but you get through it together with a lot of sweat, tears and shouting.  But together nonetheless.

There’s one final push to make the relationship solid. A Marriage, a baby, a new house/Tabata squats and rows.  It really pushes your love to the limit and then finally we’re through to the other side.  The cool down.  We’ve made it together through thick and thin and now we’re a team.  Trained to be strong, reliant but also independent.  The stretch at the end is the twilight of the relationship where you both look at each other with a knowing nod and think either, I love you OR don’t call me I’ll call you.  The point is, at least you showed up and tried.

Niko Algieri.


I remember thinking about becoming a PT 10 years ago. I thought a. It would be a doddle and b. I’d be covered in riches and training everyone famous around the world whilst running my 12 studios and driving a Ferrari.  Pah! What an idiot!  It’s been nearly 10 years and I’m not even nearly there.

Personal training is rewarding. Financially and spiritually you might add. But it is a slog don’t doubt that. For any newbies thinking about jumping out of their jobs and starting this adventure please make sure you’ve got passion for it and you realise how much work goes into this.

I was lucky.  I had a fitness family who taught me the ropes from baby to man.  But once I’d qualified…JESUS.  I worked my ass off and still do to this day.  Sometimes we take amazing jobs and work with amazing and receptive clients. I have a client Joanna who I’ve trained for 8 years and she’d run through fire covered in petrol if I asked her.  She trusts the method.  Others, you need to actually threaten them with petrol and fire to move. That’s the job.

Think about going to meet your friends.  You’re high on energy, chatting and engaged for maybe 2 hours.  As a personal trainer, you have to do this for 12 hours straight and train yourself EVERY day of the week. For anyone married or going out with a PT you realise they give their soul every day and come home a broken, mute, cripple.

I’ve spoken to numerous PTs for this blog and will share their memories but first here are some of my lowlights as a PT:

-       One client made me wear surgical gloves and bags on my trainers to train her and I wasn’t allowed to touch or go near her.

-       I used to have to get up at 430am, get 2 buses and 1 one train to open Bootcamp pilates at 630am

-       Running with a client once I kicked the curb and did what can only be described as a roly poly on the pavement eventually coming to a stop on my back

-       Another time (being the self-proclaimed best TRX trainer in the world), my TRX opened the door I was doing a row on, I fell, the TRX metal clip hit me between the eyes and I skidded 5 yards on by bum across a wood floor.  My client laughed so hard I thought I may have to call an ambulance to resuscitate her.

-       I had a client not like the circuit I’d set up so he stormed off after 3minutes of a session and shouted “just fucking bill me”…

And now for the hero PTs around London:

Ashton Turner – Co-founder of EVOLVE – “Getting up at 4am to get buses because the tubes didn’t run then, rucksack full of kit plus a mat and kettlebell in hand to travel to multiple locations across London and teach Pilates 4 hours back to back.”

David Arnot Co-founder of EVOLVE – “Getting up at 6am taking buses to work at Pure Gym where he started with no clients, then trying to stay at 100kg of muscle to maintain a rugby career in the evenings.”

Shona Vertue Creator of The Vertue Method: “Having no clients and having to work 5am to 10pm trying to drum up leads and giving free sessions in Fitness First, Sydney

Zoe Shelley PT and one of the Amazons in Wonder Woman: “Having to tell a good paying client that I couldn’t train him anymore because he asked me out every session”

Jay Brockway Co-Founder of Equilibrium:  A client released her TRX too early whilst I was supporting from behind.  It fired back in my face and split the bridge of my nose open with 2 x PTs left to teach afterwards.  Bleeding the whole time!”

Alex Castro Barrys Bootcamp Master Trainer: “Working in a cold, dirty bodybuilding gym, cooling chicken for the bodybuilders, cleaning the toilets and the shower”.

Dmitri Tkatchev Founder of Epoch Fitness: “Working all hours of the day possible and trying to maintain my own health and fitness!”

If you get time, ask your PT their story.  Some of us having properly been through hell to get to you!

Netflix Generation

It’s been a while people and for that, I must apologise.  I’ve been busy hammering the social media which is going great guns. Also, I’ve been ill which sucks. My nose is still dripping as I write this.

Anyway, what did I want to talk about? Ah yes!

Last week I watched a prominent Instagram fitness star do a talk on motivation.  It was excellent but that’s not what caught my attention.  When the eager audience was asked if there were any questions for the knowledgeable fitpro (fitness professional), one in particular pricked my ears;

“I don’t know how much time I need to dedicate to all the things I want to achieve.  I want to be strong, lose weight, be flexible and do a handstand. Do you have any advice on this?”

The fitpro hit the nail on the head.  You have to prioritise.  I’d have been less eloquent and understanding. I’d have said;

“For God Sake choose one”

It’s a problem now that we all see as personal trainers and coaches.  It doesn’t apply to everyone but the majority of us are now the Netflix on demand generation.  We’ve all done it. You’ve scrolled through Instagram and seen some gymnast doing a flag off a goalpost or watched the extremely ripped and sombre looking Alexia Clark perform a TRX pike on a Swiss ball whilst doing little finger curls with a kettlebell and you’ve thought, that’s my next goal.  But then yesterday it was losing weight and last Thursday it was run a marathon in 5 minutes and the week before that…you get it.  We’re idiots.

We’ve all forgotten OR we didn’t know that all these things take time, dedication, consistency and patience.  That last part, patience. We just don’t have it anymore.  I have clients that come in and say my inner thighs are looking flabby can we focus on these because I have a party this weekend. Good luck. I’m on the beach next week can we do abs only. FOR FUCK SAKE.  These are intelligent human beings who have between 1 to 7 years of experience with me, I’ve taught them about spot reduction myth, fat loss and muscle building. Then they see a picture of someone on social media and their brains leak out of their heads. I want I want I want. It’s great that they want to achieve something but not everything.  We have to be realistic.

Take a pause.  What is your main goal?  I’ll tell you my own personal goal.  I want to be the best TRX trainer and user in the world.  I know I’m close because I’ve worked on it for 10 years. 10 YEARS guys.  I’ve done over 20,000 hours of teaching on it and probably trained myself about half that. I think it will take a little longer and I’m willing to work on it. Are you?

Time, dedication, consistency, patience. Set your goal. How much time will it take me?  Can I dedicate myself to this path?  How often do I have to do this to be consistent? Am I patient enough to wait for the result? If you’re not, then stop saying that’s what you want and keep watching other people do it.

Niko (grumpy and ill)


There’s an aura around EQ at the moment, a buzz, an excitement. It’s an anticipation of the future that both trainers and clients feel once they’ve been in the same room as this man.

13 months ago I’m at a boxing event at the York Hall, East London to watch Dillian Whyte, a boxer who used to train with us, do a media workout.  Whilst he was moving and punching in the ring performing for the media, I get introduced to this 6ft plus quiet, young, boxer. Nice guy. I gas about him coming down to EQ for a session with Jay and he sounds excited, but, like a lot of boxers isn’t that clued up on strength and conditioning. This is a whole other blog.  Anyway, he accepts. 

I message Jay;

Me: “Bro. Just met some boxer called Isaac Chamberlain. Know him?”

Jay: “Think I’ve seen him once yeah. Why?”

Me: “He wants to come and try a session Monday”

A journey begins.

So Isaac Chamberlain started to train at EQ with Jay.  He was clearly a talent.  Strong, fast, and very smart. We watched his movement as we do with all of the boxers, analyse their elements of fitness.  Then we give him the truth.  He wasn’t strong ENOUGH, he wasn’t fast ENOUGH, he wasn’t fit ENOUGH.  We needed to break him down, strip him down to basics.

I’ll come back to his training.  Let’s talk about his career.

Throughout his career, Isaac has been doubted.  Treated as the supply boxer for his first five fights, expected to lose EVERY time.  Guess what?  He beat them.  Watch Isaacs first 5 fights on YouTube. Watch his heart. The man will not be defeated, he has no quit in him.  It’s quite something to behold.  His fifth fight.  He dislocated his right arm, his main weapon, in the second round.  For me, that’s fight over, bye bye. They popped it back in for him and he fought on, injured, and won a war with a seasoned boxer.   This established him on the UK boxing scene and catapulted him to the top 15 in the domestic rankings.

Fantastic Niko. What happened next? Isaac became famous yes?  Got all the big fights and earned a shed load of cash yeah? No…

…Callum Scott – Dancing On My Own starts to play in the blog background…

…unfortunately not people.  Isaac, before he met us, was a skilled, super-fast boxer but, some would say, lacking in that lethal punch to knock guys out.  We’ve heard boxers and promoters say this numerous times.  I’ll accept that for the first five fights.  I’ll also say that for his first five fights Isaac didn’t have a team around him like all the other boxers out there that have questioned his power.  He doesn’t have the financial backing that so many top boxers have access to.  The man is a true grinder.

Fast forward to now. My oh my people. Jay has done an unbelievable job.  Over 12 months Isaac has opened his ears, nodded, and taken everything we’ve thrown at him.  He’s been broken, rebuilt and educated on what his body needs in training, and the fuel it needs to succeed at the top.  The transformation is stark.  The almost skinny cruiserweight who walked through the door shoulders forward and muscles tired 12 months previous is now a robot with unflinching confidence.  To step into the ring with Isaac now is to face an athlete armed with speed, strength and a new found power. 

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.  He’s now undefeated in 9 fights ranked 6 in the UK and KO’d his last 3 opponents. 

In the background of all this, there’s been a rivalry growing.  Ex Olympic boxer and one of Eddie Hearns Golden Boys, Lawrence Okolie, has been calling Isaac out for over a year trying to get a hype fight.  It’s worked.  On Feb 3rd, 2018 Isaac will fight Lawrence at the O2 arena as the headline fight.  It’s an amazing achievement for Isaac who’s been ignored for a very very long time.  I can tell you right now he’s still being doubted.  He’s odds on to lose.  Why? I‘m certainly no expert but I’ll have a stab.

Olympic pedigree + Anthony Joshua managed = $$$ for Eddie Hearn.  It’s a business so Matchroom have thrown their weight behind Lawrence.  Makes sense.

However, watch Okolies fights. The difference in opponents is massive. He was basically matched up against men who looked like they were introduced to boxing the day before.  He knocked most of them out in the first/second rounds. I will grant him one victory over Isaacs path. He knocked a guy out faster than Isaac did. 

So with his reputation built he now faces our man in February.  Don’t get me wrong, Okolie is a talent but he’s not even on the same planet as Isaac in skill and now because of us, strength.  The fabled big right hand hasn’t connected with a man built like Isaac. He’s a wall of muscle. So far he’s only hit sponge.  I guarantee, come Feb 3rd, watch the micro-expression of shock when he first lands on Isaac.  Remember I said that.

As for the excitement and anticipation around EQ at the moment?  It’s not this fight we’re looking forward to. This one’s a win.  It’s the next 10 fights when Isaac starts to dominate the Cruiserweight division and conquers the world, that’s the excitement.

CT Fletcher always says that to be successful at something you have to be obsessed.  Isaac takes that to a different level.  He’s possessed.



Fitness vids that aren’t boring or at least look like some effort has been made...

Pithy title huh?

On the @weareequilibrium Instagram we make some fitness vids, some funny vids (depending on your taste of course) and then some vids that take the piss out of this ridiculous industry.

I’ve been asked, a lot recently, how we make and our videos and usually the standard in this world is to hide the secrets and save them for yourself.  I should do…but I won’t.  I won’t because it’s not really a big secret.  You already have all the tools at your disposal it’s just that I’VE made the effort over the last 2 years at the studio to play around with it all.

I’m far from an expert.  There are professional Instagram influencers out there who make amazingly better stuff.  But people have asked so why not share the wealth so to speak? Have a read and take notes if you want to make a video than isn't your mate or your other half circling you like a demented buzzard in the gym pointing the camera at your arse crack and posting it with Kendrick Lamar over the top of it (I’m down with the kids mate).

What I Own:

Canon 80d with the 18-55mm kit lens: This is £1000.  Now don’t be scared of this price.  Jessops do an interest-free 12 or 24 monthly so it breezes passed at 70-80 a month.  I still maintain this has been the greatest purchase of Equilibrium.  It improved the quality of Instagram by a mile. Link for you below:

If you're doing any talking then defintitely add this mic if you;re on a budger:



Any Mac: We’ve all got one.  You have iMovie for free in the apps on this laptop and that’s what I use to edit.  Link below to learn the basics:

A Mobile Phone:  I’m almost certain you have one of these.  Whether it’s an iPhone with a terrible camera or the Samsung S8 like me with a camera that just kicks ass you can easily film your unoriginal movement and upload to Instagram immediately.  They all have editing software in them where you can cut and add music but I much prefer iMovie as it’s a touch more sophisticated.  What’s also great about iMovie is that you can speed the music up like some Instagram stars allowing them to post videos without the risk of copyright infringement.

What I Do

Hit the Angles: So my favourite vids that I see and that we make are the 1 x movement at multiple angles shot where the cuts seem to seamlessly capture one complete movement when in fact you’ve painstakingly used 5 shots and movements.  Here’s one we made earlier:

Speed it up

No matter how good you think you move or look.  It’s fitness, it’s essentially a repeated movement snooze fest so just hit the little clock button on iMovie and give it a little 20% speed increase.  EVERYONE does it so get in line good people.  If you’re wondering WHO does it, watch their videos and keep your eye on the people in the background brushing their hair and moving their legs at World War Z alarming rate.

Sound isn’t always key

The imagery is more important than the music.  Most of the time the kind people of Instagram will protect artists and stop your video from posting so don’t worry.  If the movement catches eyeballs the music is not circumstantial.  But if you must choose, choose music that aligns with the feel.  DON’T just conform and put the latest moaning rapper on it.  Use Aqua, Barbie Girl.

There are far more factors to take into account when filming like lighting and distance but to be honest I’m about to have Sunday Lunch and feel I’ve given you enough to get on with!



Clientspiration 2

52 years old.  Mother of 3.  Jill Mukherjee is the unsung heroine of EQ. 

Originally a lass from Newcastle Jill only found exercise 7 years ago but looking at her physique and attitude to fitness you would swear she’s a lifer…

I first met Jill after she reluctantly joined a circuit I used to run in Hyde Park.  It was a simple shuttle run workout with bodyweight exercises.  Around 8 ladies would turn up rain or shine and take all the abuse I’d give them.  I had a ball.  Jill fooled me.  I thought she’d been exercising for years but it turned out I was basically her first foray into fitness after discovering group dance classes maybe a year earlier.

Anyway.  Why is this woman so inspiring? Firstly, she’s one of those angels that mothers everyone around her.  She looks after her family, friends and even Jay and I like we are all her children.  She cares.  That’s her personality.  For me, it’s her ability as a fitness enthusiast that shines through.

Look at her body!

Jill has the body of a 25yr old and the stamina to match.  When she mixes and matches her sessions with different friends she is always the fastest to recover, can stick with any rep range of the partner and will gladly try a new exercise no matter how complex.  She’s been with me 7 years now and I’m always amazed at this woman. 

Through wear and tear, Jill has picked up few injuries along the way.  Did it stop her?  Did it hell.  She’s trained 2 to 3 times a week consistently since I’ve known her.   She also dances 3 times a week.  I honestly think if I removed all of her limbs she’d still turn up to EQ and demand to do some core.

I trained her Tuesday this week.  I put her through intense weighted legs TRX, upper body, aesthetics abdominal work and sprints on the SkillMill.  She is nothing short of immense.  If you haven’t stepped onto the SkillMill yet then you’re still on intermediate treadmills. That thing is running on a different level and Jill destroys it fearlessly. If you’re lucky to be in the studio with Jill training watch in awe.  And also check out those glutes!




The thing is… If you don’t know what TRX is, then unfortunately, you and I are going to operate on different planes from the start of this blog.  Let’s try and catch you up. If you’re into fitness and you’re looking for inspiration, then look at TRX and research its origin, how its developed into a fitness movement and turned in to what should be considered THE best training tool on the planet.  I will argue that with anyone until I’m blue in the face.  There is only one thing on earth more dynamic and adaptable within exercise than the TRX and that’s your body.  So combine them.

So firstly you guys need to meet Randy Hetrick.  Former Navy Seal Commander.  I’ve met and spoke to Randy on numerous occasions.  He’s one of those guys that you know has a fire inside him.  He’s inspiring, an innovator, a warrior, a businessman, and most of all he treats everyone like they’re a friend or member of his family. So without further ado, meet Randy.  This is a clip he put together for me with a days’ notice so I could share his story at the recent fitness EXPO in Glasgow:

Now.  Our TRX story.  Hopefully, it will inspire you.

I was ‘good’ personal trainer 9 years ago. I understood bodybuilding or hypertrophy training.  I had zero clients and started my job at Bootcamp Pilates.  I learned about guiding the body through thirty different moves in one 50 minute class.  How to finesse a client into achieving movements they never thought possible BUT I needed an outlet for this new skillset.  Weights were not going to take me there. 

Enter my father, Renzo Algieri to the story.  He was selling protein supplements at the time and one of the companies gave him a T-REX as he called it.  He handed it to me.  I said no thanks.  I can’t believe I said that. The piece of equipment that would change my life and career.  Anyway, after some convincing, I took it. I NEVER looked back.  I hooked that thing around a tree, applied my training knowledge and my new found pilates skillset and shifted my personal training into functional movement away from aesthetics.

Fast forward 7 years and Jay and I now have 11 TRX hanging from the ceiling of our studio teaching classes, creating original movements, our method has caught on growing a small but dedicated fanbase on Instagram

Suspension training is a total body, complete core engaging workout that allows for beginners to develop strength right through to super athletes being challenged to the Nth degree.

And you know what its FUN.  You could train TRX every day for 365 days and each workout can be different.  Different in intensity, movement patterns, strength, power, speed, flexibility.  Fitness can be repetitive and boring.  TRX takes that boredom away and challenges you.

Listen to Randy again.  Be inspired.  And if not…find something that does inspire you.

Style Over Substance

About the title of this blog…

I’m going to have a rant about the rise of the boutique fitness market and the inverse effect it’s having on client technique and health.

Style over substance - to think looks are more important than content. I’ll come back to this.

Why the rant? 

Yesterday I was teaching a TRX class at the flagship Sweaty Betty store in Carnaby Street. A quarter of the way through the class I’m doing my usual lecture about core positioning and how important it is and the class starts their first plank.  GOOD GOD.  50% of the class, even after being cued to the point of boredom, lift up into the most horrific planks I’ve seen as a collective in a long time. 


I turned the music off and asked them where they usually go to learn such crap technique? Some of them said, their owns gyms and a few ClassPass classes, and then one girl, in particular, broke my heart.  She had massive lordosis, curvature of the lower spine, giving her a Kylie Minogue bum.  Sounds good huh?  It isn’t.  It can lead to a lot of back and hip problems.

Anyway, she told me that she was a big fan of one the top circuit boutique classes in London who shall remain nameless. They’re killing it.  Almost printing money. Fantastic for them but also hugely part of the problem for the customer these days.  I asked how many times she’d had her technique corrected in this ‘favourite’ class of hers.  She replied with NEVER almost instantly. She’d been to over 10 classes there. Heart-breaking. Not once had they zoned in on her posture, her squat, her control over her pelvic stability.  These are fucking basics people!  She seemed almost dejected once I’d focused on her.  Suddenly she was failing. Then the usual magic happened. I helped, she learned, she corrected and the strength came. I’ve always loved that moment.

The boutique fitness market is absolutely booming.  Look at the number of multiple studio openings happening all over London with classes filled, ludicrously, to the brim.  You never need to go to a nightclub anymore in this city.  You can get your fitness and clubbing done in one darkened seizure inducing studio anywhere (eye roll).  I will concede the lack of alcohol is good though.

Ok, clever clogs.  If these classes are so busy they must be doing something right…right?  Yes, they are.  The studios are beautiful, all-encompassing lifestyle machines, that draw you in like a fly to a blue lamp and you just never leave.  The trainers are sexy as hell, abs exploding everywhere, mic packs turned up to the max surrounded by mirrors so they can watch and seduce each customer into thinking that THEY are special.  They forget that the customer IS special.  Each customer has an underlying need to be more confident, feel strong, get help with moving correctly and become part of something that is improving their lives. 

Question: How the hell are they going achieve health, fitness, and wellness whilst being drowned in horrific technique and some egomaniac screaming at them?

Answer:  They won’t.

Some maths:

Class numbers up = Money up (YAY for us studio owners) = Decrease in technique/customer care

In 2018 Equilibrium will open studio 2 and take on the behemoths of the London fitness boutique scene and by God, if you come in with bad technique we will be on you in seconds like a 24-hour carwash team cleaning up and perfecting your chassis immediately.  We won’t scream, we’ll guide. You won’t be part of the crowd; you’ll be part of a family that looks out for each individual person, not a herd of cattle being put through the grinder each hour.

A caveat.  My opinion doesn’t extend to every class in London.  There are some phenomenal setups and outstanding trainers in London.  You just have to find them.  A couple of tips for finding them:

1.     Do they know your name when you leave?

2.     Did they correct any piece of technique throughout or just describe what the next exercise was?

3.     Did you realise your technique was failing?

4.     Could you hear yourself think?

5.     When you looked across the class could you see the person at the other end or was the strobe light burning your retinas?

6.     Did you get a smoothie at the end? (Huge eye roll).







Motivational Speeches - A Round Up

We've all done it.  We've had a shit, or a great day, or felt a lack of energy and needed that kick to get the day going or start a tough workout. We've all headed to the mighty YouTube and searched the terms "motivational speeches".  Am I right?

I do it a lot.  It drives me to finish a blog, design a new crazy Equilibrium video for Instagram, or put together a TRX workout that's going to make our clients' eyes pop out.  

They can be cheesy.  They can be cliché.  But they're cliché for a reason because they've been around for years and have been applied to human life through every situation imaginable.

So I went through some of the regulars that I watch, I'll post the links to these below, and I chose some of my favourite lines that you can use to look at getting what you want or finding what drives you. Here they are with the links to my favourite videos at the bottom:

Raise your standard – We don’t get what we want, we get what we HAVE to have.

When you’re no longer willing to tolerate something, that’s when your life changes

People who don’t have goals work for people who do

If it was easy everybody would do it

The pro goes to work, sick, kids, problems.  This is what you do.

If you don’t do the work, act on the ideas, they will never work

Everyone in the world has a list of things they SHOULD do.  The only thing that makes these things happen is when that SHOULD changes to a MUST.

Have a very clear vision, have a very clear goal.  If you have the best aeroplane in the world but the pilot doesn’t know where he’s going, then all is lost.

Shoot for the top, big goals, think big, then you’ll get big.

Nothing can beat hard work

It’s necessary that you work on yourself, get rid of the energy draining people in your life

Those who say they can, and those who say they cannot, are both usually right

If you want to be great, obsession had to be a necessity

If you can see it in your mind, then you can hold it in your hand

...and my favourite

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve








Create An Illusion Of Fitness

If you’ve been a little lacklustre in your attempts to keep in shape for a few months, with key events and meetings approaching, you’ll need to dress to impress. Fear not. Niko Algieri has 5 exercises that will create the illusion of a great body whilst you continue to build real one in the background.  These really are quick fix exercises, they jumpstart your muscles in to being more active again and looking toned.  You will look better initially but to make a lasting and impactful change it takes months of consistent work.  For now, let’s take the shortcut.

1.     Lateral Raise: First part of the illusion is shoulders that look like they can actual hold a suit up.  Grab a couple of dumbbells depending on your strength.  Hold them by your side with a slight bend in elbows and simply raise them out to side and then lower slowly. Perform 15 Reps x 4 Sets.  If you’re at home, then use water bottles.

2.     Squat:  Simple air squat will tone your legs up to a decent standard within a couple of weeks and give them the form they’ve been missing lately.  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with a slight outturn of the feet.  Whilst raising your arms out in front of you and keeping the weight in your heels, spread your knees and bend them at the same time lowering your hips to below knee level then stand back up.  Perform 4 sets of 20 reps.

3.     Glute bridge:  Possibly the most underrated exercise at the moment but perfect for creating shape in the hamstrings and glutes.  Keep it simple.  Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees at 90 degrees keeping your feet flat to the floor.  Keeping your arms by your side and lift your bum up until your hips become level with your knees and hips then lower back to the floor.  Make sure you’re squeezing your glutes all the through the movement. Perform 4 sets of 20 reps.

4.     Plank to side plank combo:  Now. This is tough. Get into a plank position with your knees off the floor and legs straight (elbows for beginner and straight arms for advanced).   Hold this for as close to 20s as possible then without lowering your knees transfer to a side plank.  Hold this for 20s and then transfer to the other side.  You can choose to rest at this point but if you really want to tighten the waist then go through the full 3mins without touching the floor ONCE.

5.     The final piece of this very short puzzle is the arms.  You’re going to work agonist and antagonist muscles.  Biceps versus triceps.  It’s simple.  You’re going to use the dumbbells you used earlier or a resistance band or heavy water bottles.  You’re going to perform a standing bicep curl (both arms at the same time) for 15-20 reps.  From there you don’t rest.  You tip forward from the hips with a slight knee bend.  Lift your arms behind you, higher than your bum, then flex at the at the elbow lowering the weight but leaving the upper arm where it is and then you straighten your arm hitting the triceps. Make this a quick workout so perform 15-20 reps back to back for 4 sets.  Your arms will be toned enough to pull off that suit in a 2 weeks.

As mentioned before this is quick fix to get you toned and ready for the events that are looming.  You will need to commit to regular training and nutrition to make a lasting and healthy change to your body. 

Position Of Power

When you walked in to the room today, whether it be to a business meeting, a lunch or an evening event, were you aware of how you were holding your body?

Posture can be defined in two ways. The first being the position in which someone holds their body upright when standing or sitting and the second being a particular approach or attitude.  They are one and the same though yes?  If you’re upright, shoulders back, core engaged you look strong, confident and in control.  How does a person who has rounded shoulders and hunched over appear to you?  A little negative and unapproachable? 

Let’s look at 5 things that negatively affect your posture and how to correct this:

1.     Sitting down – I’m not asking you to constantly stand but what I am asking is for you to sit correctly.  We all sit in a chair hips in front of the spine with our tailbone tucked, our back and shoulders rounded and slumped.  STOP!  Get your hips underneath your spine, chest up, shoulders back and you’re already in a better position.

2.     Vitamin D deficiency –If you’re not getting enough natural sunlight UV exposure which stimulates Vitamin D production in the body, then in turn you’re not absorbing enough calcium from your diet to strengthen your bones.  Weak bones will lead to back and neck pain directly affecting your posture. An article in the July 2007 issue of the "New England Journal of Medicine" states that vitamin D deficiency is associated with throbbing, aching pain and chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Too hot outside? We can also get vitamin D from foods such as salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines, as well as red meat and eggs.  Also consider supplements to kick-start those D levels.

3.     Core strength – It’s fine me asking you to hold your body upright but if your core (this is not just your abs but also the deeper muscles including the transverse abdominals, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor) is not strong or engaged you’ll slip back into bad posture.  You can strengthen your core doing Pilates, TRX or Yoga classes but in truth it needs to be used in any movement so please seek out a fitness professional first to help with first steps.

4.     Flexibility – We’re all sit in a chair, check Instagram on our mobiles, read emails hunched over laptops.  It looks bad but what it also does is shorten our hip flexors and hamstrings, and shortens the pecs (chest muscles).  Tight hips will tip the body forward whilst walking and the short chest muscles will pull the shoulders forward giving that beautiful hunched look.  Flexibility IS an element of fitness so needs to be worked on as much as cardio and strength training.  Try 10 mins extra stretching on your hips, glutes and hamstrings after every session this week, your posture will improve immediately.

5.     Mind-Body Connection – Exactly what it says on the label.  You have to also be aware of your posture.  If you remain oblivious to your body position it will relax and slump back in to old habits.  Try standing, setting your shoulders back and down, switching on your core EVERY time you need to move.  Make it habitual and the body will soon learn that this is the way to move.  Your body will look fitter, your confidence will improve and you’ll own the room as soon as you glide into it.

How Do I Start This?

We’ve written a few blogs/articles lately where we’ve discussed being a beginner in fitness and how to get started. We’ll list some of the tips we’ve given but we also want to revisit and make it a little clearer for you:

·      Start with machines to build a base strength and control of your muscles. Free weights when you’re a beginner are actually dangerous.

·      Find something you like, no matter silly or crazy you think it is, because you’re more likely to persevere and stick with it

·      Con or cheat a free session out an unwitting personal trainer

·      Patience – you’re new to this.  Give it time and like everything you’ll become more confident and adept

Now.  That’s all a bit bloggy and fluffy for our liking. They’re good tips (even if we do say so ourselves) but it is very here’s our top 10 blah blah stuff.  They’re quick hits.  Let’s delve into it a bit more.

We’ll try putting ourselves into a beginners’ shoes.  Niko is 35 now he's never exercised in his life..

"I did P.E. in school, I hated it.  I never played sport in university and I’ve spent the rest of my adult life working in an office and drinking every Thursday to Saturday religiously. Why the fuck would I want to start now?  Hang on my hips are aching when I sit down and stand up, my back takes around 3 hours to warm up once I get out of bed in the morning.  Also I ran up the stairs in work the other day and felt like I was going to die when I got to the top!  Ok it is time to start."

"Where do I start? I see people in work posting themselves doing workouts and doing all the classes in London. It pisses me off. Who are you impressing? But I’ll take a look at Instagram.  Fuck there’s so much choice. I haven’t got a clue where to start. Who’s good?  What’s good?  What’s the best for my zero fitness level?  Someone help…"

Truth time. Listen lazy ass. Calm down. We need to set this up right.  First thing’s first. Do you know how to squat?  You don’t?  That’s fine.  That’s where you start.  At Equilibrium your movement patterns start with the squat.  You learn to open your hips, control your core, keep your shoulders low and eyes forward.  Once you build an understanding around those fundamentals we can get you anywhere you want to go from there.  Seems simple huh?  It is that simple.  Start small, learn, and then develop OR go on Instagram and copy anyone of those loony toons out there doing bloody mountain climbers or jumping spinning burpees and put yourself in hospital.

Not everyone out there in social media land is loony mind you.  There are some real quality accounts out there that can help you if you know where to look:

@carlpaoli @shona_vertue

@bretcontreras1 @moveu_official

@lukewtraining @peteholman1

These are a select few but please do your own research if you can’t afford a personal trainer. Also if we’re talking just starting with your squat before progressing.  Take a look at this beautiful CrossFit Squat video because it is spot on.

Remember this is just a starting point.  Squatting and working on the mobility for a squat will fix ALL of the above problems that the imaginary lazy Niko would have had.  Once you’re on your way we would suggest working on your core, remembering that abs are a very small part of your core.  Our next post will be on core development and how best to approach it.

Jay and Niko

Mind On Your Matter

Right, what is the Welsh man going on about now? In sessions I always find myself saying;

“Put your brain in your bum!”

Now this isn’t me asking my client to think as a bum would and sit down.  I’m talking activation.  There’s a concept in bodybuilding call mind muscle connection.  Arnold Schwarzenegger believed in it and so do we at Equilibrium.

Having spent years shouting cues like “switch your core on” and “find the hamstrings” and from my own training actually I realise you can, to some degree, perform movements with minimal muscle engagement and get through it.

Let’s look at the burpee.  Everyone hates burpees.  The problem with burpees is that they are fucking brilliant.  Think about it.  In one movement you are doing a squat into a press up back in to a squat and then if you’re jumping out if you get a power movement.  It’s certainly my desert island exercise.

Ok so you’ve done a burpee yourself.  You know it’s easy to cheat. You can actually get away with just collapsing to the floor without engaging the legs and glutes that much.  As you drop to the floor your core can completely switch off making you look like you’re doing a disco worm.  Then to get up you reverse the worm not engaging the chest and triceps that much, then acting like a drunken teenager as you crumble your knees inwards and standing up like a new-born.  Burpee done let’s all go home and eat a Dominoes.


In this town we burpee properly! Which brings me back to the mind muscle connection.  Put your mind in the process.  Think about the muscles and joints you’re using whilst performing an action.  As you drop in the squat don’t just drop.  Let the hips open, allow the glutes and hamstrings to drag you down whilst our core holds the upper body in static position.  Place your hands to floor, jump your legs backwards and engage the press up.  You lower through the chest not the hips.  Once you’ve hit the surfboard as I call the floor explode again through the chest and triceps and when at max height of the press up jump your feet in firing up out of a strong squat position and jumping in to the air using the hip, knee and ankle joints and booming through your quads and ass as you move. Sounds bit more poetic and beautiful no?  That’s how you burpee.

Mind muscle connection.  We encourage this in any movement.  You have to feel it and know it and it will develop. You will look better and become a stronger version of yourself.

So when you’re deadlifting, squatting, lunging or bridging PUT YOUR BRAIN IN YOUR BUM!

Forged In The Fires Of Fitness

Here are two words that always make me swell with pride.  My Mum.

Let me tell you about my mother and how that woman became the greatest fitness instructor I’ve ever seen. 

I need to swear now otherwise it loses its impact.  I shit you not, my mum has taught aerobics, Tae Bo, Step and Insanity classes FIVE days a week with only 2 weeks holiday a year the for the last 28 years. That is a staggering 7000 hours of teaching in a lifetime.

Speaking of lifetime…

Born 1960 (she’s 57) Gillian Ellis was always interested in sport.  From the age of 10 she joined the local swimming team whilst also competing in school and county athletics.  At 17 she fell in love with my father, Renzo, but that also started a love affair with Karate. My father was a black belt. She achieved her brown belt level. At 21, as with most couples back then, they thought it a good idea to have a child.  Out came little Niko in 1981. 

Within weeks of that birth she was back in Karate and then also discovered bodybuilding.  My father was a phenomenal bodybuilder inspired by the great Arnold Schwarznegger.  He’d watched Pumping Iron and that was it. Obsessed. Still is.

Anyway at 23 she started teaching aerobics classes to make a little extra money. She also became pregnant again, this time with my sister the little ginger fireball Angelina, and taught those classes right up until she was 9 months.  She was unstoppable.

When I was 5 my parents separated.  Don’t worry about Angelina and I, we had a mother so strong she could fill the role of 12 parents with her arms tied behind her back.  The point is that Gill did not give up.  She took on 3 jobs with 2 kids just so we could survive.  She worked as much as she could so her babies could have what they needed. 

A memory.  When I was 6 we started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in school. I fell in love with it.  But we’d started reading it at the end of the day so were only a few chapters in. I needed more! It was Christmas time at this point and Ange and I went to Tesco with Mum. I asked Mum if she could buy me Charlie the book.  We couldn’t afford it.  So I stole it. I hid in it in a Christmas card box.  She caught me reading under my bed and made me walk it straight back in to Tesco and put it back on the shelf.  What a woman.

So Mum spent nearly 4 years alone.  Her fitness dwindled slightly.  Then came the love of her life. Graham Brockway.  Jays father.  4-time World Kickboxing Champion. When I was 10 Jay was born and our family was complete.  Mum and Graham started a very successful building company and a boxing gym and never looked back. In that gym I achieved my black belt by 14 years of age in Kickboxing. Still the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Time warp to now.  We drive home Thursday night to have a well-deserved break from Equilibrium and we make it back in time to join Mum’s Tae Bo class.  Jay and I are fit and strong. This 57-year-old woman took us to the cleaners.  I remember putting my hands on my knees three times and looking up at this unstoppable machine. To watch her teach a class is to watch Torville and Dean skate, to see Floyd Mayweather dodge 50 punches, to see Usain Bolt glide over the finish line. To her it’s a symphony of movement, commands and music.  She talks to the class with love and power and they love her every second of it.  I’ve felt myself teach a few decent classes but I’m not in this league. This is 28 years of working on her craft and it is a wonder to behold.

Drive to Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire sometime and do her class.  You won’t know what’s hit you.

Jay and I have set up Equilibrium, because of her.  We’re talented and successful because of her.  We never stop working. We learnt that from her and Graham. 

We are inches away from achieving our dream, she inspires us to do it.



Fitness And Love

Touchy subject this one.  First of all, let’s get one thing straight. I am not about to suggest that being fit and superficially attractive is the way to find love. After all different strokes for different folks right? I am however suggesting it will benefit both YOUR heart and YOUR mind on this quest for ‘the one’.

This opinion does not come from, what now feels like a lifetime, staring at Instagram looking at arched back temptresses and 12 pack ab’d males and thinking is this how we get the best partner? It comes from nearly 9 years of day in and out observing, listening, and consoling clients in the mysterious ways of love.

Deep deep deep deep down we ALL want to find love. Some of us have already found it and some of us are still awaiting that lightning strike moment.  Let’s focus for the minute on those of us still skipping solo through the streets waiting to find prince/princess charming. 

Almost all of my single clients throughout the years have all looked to fitness as the answer to finding love;

“I just want to lose some weight to look better in a dress”

“Can we do abs? I have a date tonight”

What I’ve come to realise is that it’s all about your mind. I can only speak about what I’ve seen over the years but generally people who don’t exercise are more stressed, unhappy, have more injuries, their health status is nowhere near someone who runs, lifts, stretches, watches their food etc. Think about it. In fact, let’s look at me.

I can remember a time when my health was terrible. I still looked ok aesthetically from years of ‘nightclub weights’ (doing chest and arms almost every day for 5 years!).  But we’re talking curries, pizza, drinking heavily on the weekend, lack of sleep and hardly any flexibility or mobility. I remember how it felt. I was constantly tired. No one will become attracted to a tired face with black rings around the eyes.  I was carrying a little extra body fat.  Now on this subject, it’s what makes YOU feel good.  I don’t like carrying extra fat so it makes ME feel bad about myself. I find it lazy and unhealthy so that effects my confidence levels. It made me a little more closed in my personality. Not an attractive trait in someone openly looking for love.

I’ve watched clients turn from hunched over, stiff, heavy breathing, unfit versions of themselves into upright, confident, clear skin, glowing, strong individuals and I am telling you right now It’s worked for them in love. If you’re happy in yourself, in how you look, then you exude confidence. Exercising regularly means you have a regular endorphin release which are effectively happy hormones.  They make you feel energised, confident and ready to take on the world.  Relate that back to sex, we feel the same way after orgasm.  So, you’re single and you see 2 versions of a possible partner.  Do you go for the unhealthy tired looking one or the glossy, confident, energised version?  EXACTLY.

But what about the married or in love lot?  The bunch that make the single sick when they can’t stop the PDA’s.  We all want that so shuuuuuuut up!

So again I’ve trained these people.  They are 70% of my client base.  They aren’t always happy happy.  They may have been with their partner for years and a little familiarity has kicked in.  They come to us citing reasons for improvement in their health and fitness.  We always know in that in the background there’s a beauty or attractiveness to the opposite sex element. They want to reignite that spark and be the healthier version of themselves.  And what’s wrong with that? I think it’s fantastic. If we exercise we live longer that’s a fact.  So a partner will see a benefit in this. We all know how important sex is in a relationship.  Imagine holding up your own bodyweight in sex and wheezing or shaking from a lack of fitness…not good is it?

Training for love is an amazing motivator so use it as your fire.  You either want to find it or you have it and you want to keep that fire blazing.  It works. It really does. Clean up your diet, get to the gym or the park and move people!  Tell me your life doesn’t improve and if me ranting at you like this inspires you and you do find love…I want a fucking invite to the wedding!

Interview with - A Beginner's Guide To Fitness

In a world where Instagram is filled with fitness stars and a Pilates class can seem like an essential part of most morning routines, starting out on your fitness journey can be a daunting process. So, we teamed up with fitness authority Niko Algieri to create the ultimate beginner’s guide to fitness. The frontman of Equilibrium – London’s hottest new boutique studio – Niko has trained everyone from Ellie Goulding to Nicole Scherzinger. From setting achievable goals to the kit you should actually invest in, read on for his golden rules.

First things first – should you set a goal when starting your fitness journey?

Yes and no. On the one hand, a goal can encourage commitment and create a determined mind-set; you have a reason to stay focussed, to maintain your plan and be loyal to your sessions. However, goals can also set you up for failure, frustration and give you a reason to quit. Take weight loss for instance – you can watch the scales each week after eating well and training but find no difference, leaving you frustrated and unimpressed, failing to take into account that you’re starting to grow muscle and change your body shape.

My advice is to have a long-term goal – this will mean that fitness naturally becomes a habit and a sustainable part of your life.

What’s the best way to transition into working out if it’s been a while since you hit the gym?

Don’t make it a baptism of fire – do a short workout, ideally guided by an instructor or personal trainer. Make sure it’s full of mobility exercises at the start to reactivate the muscles and the joints for strenuous exercise and finish with lots of stretching. Don’t overdo it in the first week – take your time and adjust to the new increase in movement then start to develop strength and endurance.

Any advice for figuring out what kind of workout is right for you?

They won’t say it out loud, but every personal trainer or boutique class thinks their method is the best – it’s part of the job. The truth of the matter is you should try everything – do what suits your abilities, your personality and ultimately what you’re able to sustain. If you pick something you hate or get a bad vibe about you’ll quit in week one.

Are there any classes that are good for beginners?

An ideal starting point for any fitness journey is a TRX class. With the right trainer, TRX is very simple; it can be instantly made easier or harder with a quick shift of your feet. It’s a total body workout that you can take at your own pace and teaches you to move correctly, safely and develop core strength in each movement. To me, it’s the best training tool in the world.

What about diet – how should you alter this to complement a training regime?

Forget supplements and fad diets. Instead, take out all the white carbs, sweets, chocolates and crisps, reduce your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water; you will transform in four weeks, I promise.

Is it worth splurging on a personal trainer?

Definitely, but take time to find the right one for you. They need to be able to spot your weaknesses, know how to develop them, give you confidence and make you feel empowered every session. In my opinion, for total beginners who want to train safely and learn how to move properly, a PT is worth every penny. They will help you build a decent level of strength, endurance and flexibility, then when you feel confident enough you can start classes that take your fancy.

What about kit?

Many PTs will tell you to invest in minimalist trainers (or flat shoes) that make you rely on the natural shape of your foot. My advice? Ignore them, as, for many of us, wearing these types of shoes will take months and months of getting used to. Your feet are vital in exercise so prioritise comfort and support. I rate Asics – they’ve got a high arch, strong heel and can take a battering in the long-run if budget is tight.

How quickly will you see results when it comes to training?

Immediately after a training session, you will get an endorphin release of happy hormones that will reduce stress, increase self-esteem, ward off anxiety and improve sleep. By around the two-week mark, your cardiovascular capacity will improve and that, in turn, will improve your skin and the way you feel. If you’re looking after your diet then you’ll lose fat and improve your physical appearance in around four to six weeks. Remember that nutrition is key – you can’t out-train a bad diet.

Any final motivational tips?

Be patient – change takes time. If you’ve taken the step to get to the gym, that’s something in itself. It took you this long to commit to training so be patient, keep at it every day and strive for small improvements and you’ll get there.

Rise… Fall… Rise… Fall… RISE – The Fight For Mental Health

Rise… Fall… Rise… Fall… RISE – The fight for mental health

This morning I’m inspired. A fire inside me lit because I’ve just learned that Leon McKenzie is fighting again. That man.  An unstoppable force or an immovable object.  I think it’s the latter but, I am going to swear here, fuck. The guy does not give up.  If you believe in fate and destiny Leon doesn’t bend to it. He makes his own path.


From 17 years of age you are signed as a professional footballer, playing in the top flight.  You are what you would consider as rich, famous, with girls chasing you everywhere (Leon happens to be one of those good looking gits too).  You go on to score 115 goals, including the winner at Old Trafford, in 400 appearances.  In 2005 you win player of the season and team league top scorer. Honestly, if this was me, I would go nuts at this point and think I was a God.  But for Leon it became darker.

Towards the end of his career Leon got injured.  He was then imprisoned for a driving offence and when he got out his career was over.  Depression hit hard and fast.  In 2009 Leon sadly tried to end his life.  Story over yes? No.

After this Leon started to recover, started to learn about mental health and how it manifests itself in life.  He started to fight back and became an ambassador for fellow sufferers.  But that wasn’t enough of a fight for Leon so he turned to his family roots of boxing.  If you’ve ever done a speck of boxing training, even in a posh London boutique with pretty lighting you know its f#*king tough.  It takes you to what we call the dark place and makes you fight your way out of exhaustion.  This was Leon’s way back. 

He flourished immediately winning eight fights, drawing one.  He then came to train with Jay and listen to my guidance. He won his ninth fight with us, destroyed the guy with power.  But then as always with Leon’s life he had to fight again just to get the next opponent.  It took 10 months to get it sorted which, as any fighter will tell you, builds up rust on the spokes.  Physically he was ready but mentally I think he built it up too much in for himself and thought he was fighting for all of us, for redemption.  He didn’t need to.  He fought for the English title and lost, admirably.  Now for a depression sufferer this is devastating.  It’s another brick wall stopping you from functioning correctly in life.

We didn’t see Leon much after the fight.  We kept in touch but he’s been rebuilding his mind. He’s been back working with mental health organisations, doing open and inspirational talks in front of thousands of suffers, something I imagine he needed to do for himself.

But now he’s back in the gym, rising again.  We’ve only just found out about the fight this morning and we couldn’t be prouder.  What a man.  He’s secured himself a fight on July 9th against Alan Higgins for the Southern Area Title.  If he wins, and he will win, he’ll be a champion once again. 

As the heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan always preached;

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not try.”