The value of Personal Training...

I was watching my brother training a client today. He was adjusting postural position, working on mobility and then getting them to perform movements they'd never even thought imaginable. Yes I see that everyday with clients but it just hit me, PT is invaluable.  The right personal trainer can change your life. THEN I thought about new clients and the usual conversation of price reduction and discount and this blog came to me...
The value of personal training is exceptional.
A good personal trainer in West London will cost you upwards of £70, if they're any good anyway, although this isn't always guaranteed from what I've seen lately.  So let's say a PT session costs you £80.  It is literally changing your life!!  You are becoming more mobile, more flexible, stronger, faster, fitter, you'll live longer, be able to play with your kids for longer, attract the opposite/same sex more effectively.  The list of benefits, and excuse my language here, is fucking endless.  
Now, let's look at your week.  You might have a breakfast with friends that will cost you £35.  You'll buy a lunch from Planet Organic or Pret for £10.  You'll buy some pointless piece of clothing from ASOS or Matches for £200-£300, spend £100 on cosmetics, mani/pedis, firming lotions, bottles of wine, evenings out at high calorie food restaurants.  This list is endless too.  By the end of the week you've spent between £500-£1000 on crap you didn't really need without blinking at the price. Meanwhile you're hesitant to take up personal training because of the cost. It's lunacy!
The other things you've spent your money on are part of a marketing machine that has no regard for your personal, physical or mental health.  Yes we'll take your money gladly, but for that we'll take care of you, you'll become part of our family of clients, you'll flourish and rise up stronger, looking and feeling better.  
If you're feeling shit what will Pret do for you? Make you fat.  If you've had a stressful day and need a shoulder to cry on Matches will gladly take your money and post you a dress.  If you're feeling unfit and need a change go get your toes painted, that'll help!
No guys, get a personal trainer who will talk and listen to you, make you laugh and almost cry with beneficial pain, give you a slap on the back when you've achieved the unachievable and eventually make you become the person you've always hoped you could be.
We're here waiting.  And we cost a little bit.