What does that heading mean?  Well about 8 years ago one of our Directors, Niko Algieri got himself in to the Men's Health Top 12 Cover Model finalists.  He got his butt kicked but he got into the below condition...
Lovely lovely, well done Niko you're amazing.  However that was 8 years ago so having worked really hard to open his own studio, the physique has suffered somewhat.  Although the dorky expression still remains.  So what Niko is now going to do is go #instagramnuclear and take on the worlds instagram stars.  Here's the stages he's going to do it in:
1. Nutrition and Training - Clean eating and hard training.  Some serious discipline over the xmas period too!
2. #activewear - You can't look a like an instagram star without having some amazing clothing, in this case just some bottoms!  My friends over at www.everysecondcounts.co.uk will help me there!
3. Haircut
4. Working in a studio all day Niko has developed a beautiful Casper-like complexion.  A tan will be needed.
5.  Improve vacuous #selfie skills
Stay tuned for videos and updates...