Zero To Hero

It’s always something to watch someone come through adversity and triumph.  To watch that injured athlete crawl across the line.  The struggle always makes the victory sweeter.  That’s Isaac Chamberlain’s story.  The man will not be beaten.  He’s one of those born with no quit in him.
Last week Isaac became the Southern Area Boxing Champion.  He fought a seasoned champion.  It was a brawl.  But what’s special about it is that in the second round Isaac dislocated his right shoulder.  He went back to his corner on the bell, popped it back in and carried on through a war to take the victory.
I’ve dislocated both my shoulders and I can tell you once they’re back in they’re basically unusable for a month.  Isaac had just 45 seconds to recover and then he continued to use it.  The pain must have been unbelievable.  Every punch or bump on that arm would have sent a shockwave through his body.  Immense bravery.
The Brixton born 22-year-old undertook his strength and conditioning at Equilibrium for 5 months before this fight with Jay Brockway taking him through the Dark Place in every session.  The man was fit and now stronger than any other time in his career.  A career by the way that saw Isaac fighting guys ranked a lot higher than him on 4 occasions which they expected him to lose to just fill the opponent gap.  Little did they know they’d found someone special. A warrior. In four professional fights he rocketed to 14th in the UK which took him to his title fight.
We’re going to make him even stronger, even faster, more deadly.  His story be will one of a rise from the depths of South London to the bright lights of the O2 or even Vegas.  He’ll defend his title next, then on to the rest of the world. 
Watch this space.