Rise Of The Foot Soldier

Good personal trainers are hard to find.   First of all, most of us are egotistical, close-minded, muscle bound show-offs.  So we're kind of hard to communicate with.  We know best and YOU don't.  So when myself and Jay knew we needed to find another trainer to lighten the load at Equilibrium we knew the task was an uphill one.
We met with a few trainers, all completely uninspiring and as usual with a huge opinion of themselves. One of them was even giving us tips on how to improve our business and wasn't even qualified at the bloody time. That was a staggering experience. They were not asked back. 
Another one we tried to teach our TRX method to, a method by the way I've worked on for 8 years, and even he tried to tell us how to modify it.  He lasted 4 weeks.
We needed a blank slate or someone who was willing to learn and realise that we had something special to teach.  Anyway, Jay is having his hair cut one day and his barber's mate walks in and introduces himself and says he's a PT.  Jay, who has a keen sense of things, has a chat with him and likes him.  He mentions him to me and I instantly forget because I'm too busy finding my feet with the booking system and running Equilibrium.
A few months later he mentions him again so we invite this guy Luke to the studio for a chat. I forgot again! He walks into the studio and I say "Can I help you mate?"
I liked him immediately.  Personable, presentable, open and willing to learn.  He starts his course of learning the next day.  And with the brothers it's thick and fast.  Luke had come from Fitness First, a company which prides itself on volume of personal trainers not quality. Little did they know they'd let a good one slip through.
His learning is steady.  He takes to TRX and Kettlebells especially and starts to train some of our clients.  Initially the reviews are midway thumbs up thumbs down which is expected. Same with the classes.  His nervousness with the new programme was evident in his posture and his tone of voice. I remember starting at Beautcamp Pilates and totally shitting my pants before the class. In the end I could have taught it with eyes closed (not literally, that would be a lawsuit).
Now if you come to train with Luke Buttle he is a changed man.  A trainer I would rank in the top 5% in the UK.  Skilled, knowledgable, patient, analytic and a confidence in class that allows him control 11 people on the TRX with fluidity and pace.  I mean, I'm proud of him.  To deal with my ego everyday is not easy. He is part of a 3 man team that is now dominating a saturated PT market filled with Instagram idiots and pretenders that I'd like to strangle (again, not literally, prison n all).
Come and try a free session with Luke.  Like him, you won't look back.