POV (Point Of View)

This is a blog for my colleagues, all the personal trainers out there, that are looking for tips on how to improve their service.
I’d like to think I’m good at this one aspect of training but I had a sharp reminder this morning that we can all get a little lazy, well not lazy, complacent.  What I’m preaching about is point of view (POV).  Your actual position in relation to your client.  When I’m on my game I like to swoop around the client in in a slow circle as to get the full range of POV’s in every position that they hit as they’re moving.  But like I said, you get complacent.  You get to know your client and what they can achieve so you suddenly stop swooping around them and even sit down (me this morning at 630am) and that can lead to technical mistakes.
My client Tam came in this morning.  Wednesdays we work strength.  We were doing goblet squats. We were training her squat position and depth.  Now, I know Tam’s abilities, her squat being faultless USUALLY.  Something wasn’t right this morning, the depth was off.  What I mean is that her hip crease wasn’t going below her knees.  This is vital for more muscle group engagement and development.  So, yes I could see the depth was off but because I was lazily sat down in front of her I couldn’t correctly diagnose where she could get that extra depth from.  Then I stood up.  Walked around her whilst she headed towards her 10th repetition and there it was.  She was leaning forward just a little too much. This was effectively switching off the glutes too early, putting pressure into the toes.  All I needed to say was;
“Chest up!”
And that fixed everything. (see below image)
Change your position guys.  Our clients have busy lives and sometimes their brains aren’t fully in the game which is why they need us.  Be there for them, circle them like a buzzard looking for food!