Strong Side

This one is for all the old PT’s like me out there and to serve as a stark warning to the young up and comers!
Now, if you’re a good PT you can verbalise a client into a movement by using useful cues for them to follow and control their own body.  However, if a client doesn’t get what they’re supposed to do then of course you demo and herein lies our blog.
I’ve been demoing movements now for 8 years and a habit has developed.  My strongest leg for kicking is my right leg, but that means the left side is best programmed for balance.  Therefore, whenever I’m showing someone a single leg squat or and single leg lunge on the TRX then it’s done with my trusty left leg. I did some basic maths (with me it’s VERY basic).  Anyway let’s say as an average my stats for clients are below:
8 clients a day x 2 demos per client x 5 days a week x 48 weeks a year x 8 friggin years
That’s 30,720 more reps on my left leg than my right in 8 years. Those are some staggering stats!
Do your maths.  Can you honestly say unequivocally that you equally spread your demos through both legs?  Well I can’t.  And it’s telling.  My right hip and hamstring are so much tighter.  When I squat my right foot turns out a little more to make allowances for this tightness.  It takes its toll.
What are your numbers guys I’d love to hear?
Niko (limpy) Algieri