Trump Fitness

Trump is the elected President of the United States.  A day none of us saw coming.  He ran a campaign devoid of fact. It was weak and full scare tactics to make the public doubt themselves and run for the fastest solution and to the person promising the world.
We in the industry have been fighting against Trump Fitness for a few years now.  I talked about this before in a previous blog called Sweat Culture Vultures.  Since the birth of HIIT training and it’s benefits the whole of my beautiful city, London, with their ClassPass memberships on their hips a like a gunslinger have been turning up to classes saying MAKE ME SWEAT AND DIE!  The harder the workout the better.
But why?
It’s because Trump Fitness turned up.  Boutique fitness concepts showed up saying that they can help you burn 1000 calories in one hour, they can give you a Kardashian behind, they can push you harder and faster than you’ve gone before using disco lights, a lack of a/c and mic’d up psychopaths taking pics of their abs whilst screaming GO FASTER BITCHES!!
They promised the world.  You will have a better life if you come and train with us.  Were there any facts behind this?  No. Only greed and obsession. Only the desire to create fear and envy in the public convincing them that they're fat and they were the only solution.  What about your core, your hips, your lower back, your mobility, your knees?  Nah fuck them just run faster, lift heavier and look sexy you lazy bitches!
Trump Fitness convinced London that faster is always better.  It isn’t.  The key word here is fitness.  There are 9 elements.  If you learn these and develop yourself slowly to become efficient in all these areas, you can be deemed as fit. Not Trump fit.
Muscular Endurance
Cardiovascular Capacity
Look at them.  Do you measure up in each of these elements?  Do the classes or your trainer you go to develop you in each of these?  If they don’t then you’re not fit mate.  You may be super strong, but your cardio is low, you may be able to run faster for longer but can someone out plank you? Test yourself. Then run for hills.  Jay and I and will be waiting at the top with the 9 elements in our hands.
Don’t get scared and search for the answer with Trump Fitness.  Take your time because you HAVE time.