I'll just have a couple...

So on the weekend I got together with two of my mates, the type where you know that consuming your bodyweight in alcohol is the only objective.  And maaaaan did we achieve. Numerous beers and vodkas made for a very enjoyable evening.  Now some calories were burned away by my usual deluded opinion that when I'm near a dance-floor I AM Justin Timberlake. Nobody else seemed to think so it was an uneventful evening.  So I danced for 2 hours combatting some of the alcohol intake.   But what else happened to my body?
Apart from the JT delusion alcohol basically has no health benefits whatsoever.  Here's a little image to help understand the basic process of destruction:
When you drink, the body prioritises the metabolism of what it believes is a poison to the body hence the almost immediate tipsy feeling.  That stops all the other elements being metabolised, so while the alcohol is in your system you are gaining weight  and unable to burn the fat cells already stored within your body.  That's the science but psychologically it takes it's toll.  As one of our great clients says "idol!", it makes us lazy, depressed and craving sugary, stodgy foods.  I know that after a bender I'm somehow always in the mood for a Dominoes large enough to kill a baby elephant or a curry with some serious levels of poppadoms.  CRAP basically.
How many calories are we drinking though?
Look at the above and think about your last night on the sauce,  how many slices of pizza or cake did you consume?  Adds up doesn't it?
But we're all going to drink aren't we?  Of course so let's do it in moderation and with intelligence.  The least calorific drink will be Vodka, Soda  and fresh lime.  Tasty and less fattening. Add that into your drinking programme guys...oh and get to the gym.