Where are my results?

Patience is a virtue.  A virtue I’ve never quite had a grip on.  I’m the same as most people.  If I start cleaning up my nutrition or training a little harder, I want to wake up after day one and see muscles bulging and the beginnings of a six pack.  It’s not reality but with TV on demand, social media at our fingertips and Deliveroo knocking at the door 20mins after an order why wouldn’t we feel this way? These days we can ave anything from an amazon order to a date on Tinder in hours! 

With your fitness and especially your physique ladies and gentleman, it takes time and effort.  It’s an accumulative effect over time that turns you into the walking sex machine that you’d like to be.  Session after session maintaining the intensity and the variation to hit every muscle along with all of the 9 elements of fitness that we work to here at Equilibrium.

I’m going to use myself as a quick example because I’ve got first hand reasons and memories for you.  We started Equilibrium 17 months ago and it’s been a rollercoaster of hard work, blood sweat and tears.  After 12 months of working 7 days a week and almost 14 hours a day my body was a mess. 

I’d become everything I’d advised my clients not to be.  I was stressed, lack of exercise, sleep and busy days had got to me.  I was unfit.  I’d neglected my training and just ran the studio but also using my busy life as an excuse not to train.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE.  My diet was terrible. It consisted of Nandos orders to the studio and curry or Bolognese in the evening because I was exhausted and it’s easy isn’t it? 

At the end of the summer I was lucky enough to go away for 6 days to Portugal.  It saved me.  I forgot about work for a second and focussed in on what I was eating, drinking and simplified my training to get back in the swing.  

Now that whole training thing… I stripped it back to the tool I love the most, the piece of equipment I use when new clients come in because it’s so diverse and adaptable, the TRX.  I did a TRX total body workout 5 days a week for 8 weeks.  That and the good food I was eating completely restored my fitness.  I returned to being muscular (obviously muscle memory was a factor), lean, and strong.   My stress levels plummeted and our studio and business began to flourish now that I could focus my efforts.

It’s about working on it every day.  You’ve have to trust the process.  Chip away at the workouts each day, not being afraid of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness).  The clean food is the icing on the cake because it allows you to heal faster, speed up your metabolism and keep the energy firing for the next workout. I guarantee that if you put at least 4 solid weeks of workouts the results will shock you.  After 8 weeks you’ll be carved of out stone and everything after that will just be a bonus. 

At our studio we don’t train our clients for 6-week beach blasts.  We make it habitual, a life choice, a learning curve hitting each of the 9 elements of fitness and adding one more element throughout, confidence.

But you’ll need patience…