TRX - A life changing tool

I found TRX around 7 years ago when I was given it free by my father who had also been given it free by a protein company. Reluctantly I took it.  A small bag with some army green straps in it. I threw it in my boot and left it to rot.  
Back then I was still using resistance bands, boxing gloves and bodyweight exercises to train clients in parks and at home.  I hadn’t yet learned Kettlebells so my equipment was limited. At the time I was also working for a reformer pilates company trying to expand my fitness knowledge and skill set, turns out, the reformer was preparing me perfectly for the TRX.
So one day I google this so called suspension trainer and my eyes are opened, but only slightly.  I took my TRX to Hyde park in London and strapped it to a tree. This was back when they weren’t clamping down on trainers struggling to make a living.  Anyway I played around with the lengths and exercises and suddenly realised that this simple piece of equipment was going to change my life and a career.  And it did.
Applying all my new pilates and resistance training knowledge I found that the TRX usage was in fact limitless.  If you have the inclination and the knowhow you can create exercises and programmes for strength, speed, hypertrophy, flexibility, core development, the list goes on.  Like I said it’s limitless.
When you first start training on the TRX and you do a full body workout you feel like a train has run over you and your core think it’s on Mars. 10 sessions later you feel carved out of stone and ready for anything. TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise, and the total of you is what it trains.  Every move, even if you think you’re isolating, is a compound movement.  A TRX bicep curl for example demands that you switch on your core and your legs at the same time otherwise the technique is incorrect and less effective.  
It is quite simply the most effective training tool on the market and any trainer worth his weight in gold will learn and utilise it as much as possible. Those who shun the TRX can only be described as lazy.  You can transfer from legs, to upper body, to core in mere seconds and its that intensity which gives you the best workout possible.  It is muscle building along with metabolic conditioning all wrapped into one.  I’ve personally and professionally created workouts on the TRX that have destroyed clients and myself for days after but man do we feel awesome now.  
On the flip side.  TRX is fitness for all.  I train three 60+ year olds and they have flourished because of it. The beauty of TRX is that it can be scaled back immediately by a slight change in foot position or strap length. These are their Vector and Pendulum principles which I won’t bore you with.  What it means is that it becomes an assistance tool for reduced movement leading to increased strength and mobility.
So in summary, if you want to look badass and like a ninja then TRX is you’re Batman utility belt. If you want to start in fitness but have a fear of injury or lack of strength then TRX is the arm around your shoulder helping and encouraging.
Here’s an example workout I created called TRX around the world: 
13 exercises - 10 reps on each x 3 rounds.  Don;t worry about time, just get through and survive…
10 squat
10 reverse lunge (each leg)
10 single leg squat (each leg)
10 pike
10 knee tuck
20 swings (meaning swing each side 10 times)
10 single leg lunge (each leg)
10 power Pull
10 row
10 push up
10 y-raise
10 bicep curl
10 tricep extension
Give it a try.  You wont look back.
Niko Algieri.