The Dark Place

If you've ever wondered in to a gym or a studio and they've set you a metcon (derived from CrossFit), which means metabolic conditioning circuit to the non cool people, then you'll know what The Dark Place is.
The Dark Place is a term my brother Jay uses whilst training his clients or his pro boxers.  He takes them there, he can't help them come back from that place, but he gives them the tools to help themselves get out of it.
I've been there a few times. It is the worst possible feeling that you can create for your body with a workout.  I'm writing this blog because I visited The Dark Place this afternoon and it compelled me to warn and also persuade you to visit.  We did a metcon involving the Assault Bike.  This piece of equipment is by far the best conditioning tool certainly for boxers and sportspersons alike.  It takes EVERYTHING away from you in 60 seconds.  I got off the bike, my heart rate sky-rocketed, I felt like death was coming for me, my legs burned, my arms wouldn't function. Frankly, if the the tunnel of light had been offered I'd have bloody crawled towards it.  But in that moment of desperation is where you find your mettle.   You have to face a moment like that to challenge your resilience.  Unfortunately, Jay and I see a lack of mettle in a lot of people that come to Equilibrium.  They don't want The Dark Place, they want the Notting Hill version of it, Luke Warm Heights.  We coach our clients not to be scared of it and the improvements we see are limitless.
I've watched Jay perfect this method of training through the years and now finally, HIS method, HIS programming is transforming the fitness of two professional boxers and one retired boxer who took a leap of faith with him.  He's young (not junior) but it's his passion that puts him leaps and bounds above most trainers.  He's put himself through the workouts so they're tried and tested methods.  
I spoke to these boxers today to get a little quote from them:
Johnny Nelson - World Champion, undefeated for 6 years
"I wish this man was around when I was an active fighter. My reign as a World Champion would have been much more dominant.  Yes, he would have been only 3 years old but you know what I mean!"
Dillian Whyte - Heavyweight boxer 
"Training with Jay has been amazing.  He delivers his point clearly and motivates like no other.  A very good trainer with no ego, just pure drive.
Leon Mckenzie - Number one contender for the English Super Middleweight Title
"He is a very talented trainer and brings out the best in me regarding all the specifics I need to get me to that higher level in my sport.  Jay takes me to a place where I want to die but of recent I come back every time and the bar is raised every time.  He is a serious dude."
These guys live in The Dark Place.  But Jay has shown them the way to go deeper and climb out if it faster. I keep blowing the trumpet on Instagram but the next time Dillian Whyte and Leon Mckenzie fight, you are going to see two very scary boxers intimidate their opponents with power, speed and most of all unrelenting endurance.  They will be terminators.
Don't be frightened to go to The Dark Place.  It's yours. Own it.  You can always come back from it stronger.