Sweat Culture Vultures

A few weeks back we received an amazing review on Instagram.  Very flattering. They rated us 20/10 for our performance as trainers.  There is an however…however.  They also said the class was 6/10 sweat factor.  I checked this with other clients and ClassPass attendees and they were shocked.  It’s opinion though and I’m not here to complain about that.  What I have noticed is that there is a sweat culture, especially nowadays with ClassPass sweeping London, developing in the underlining of all fitness classes.
As a trainer of both classes and personal training I’ve noticed that about 70% of clients have developed a link between fitness and sweat.  If they don’t sweat then they haven’t worked on their fitness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  YES getting a sweat on is great, you’re tapping in to your cardiovascular capacity element and getting rid of some toxins in the skin.  However, you’re not necessarily burning fat JUST because you’re sweating.  Have you thought that it could be because the clever little buggers at [Insert nightclub themed studio name here] have turned the God damn A/C off?  Your body temperature will rise and you will sweat!
Couple that with the treadmill and spin nutters out there and we’ve created our own little sweat culture where you the clients DEMAND that you sweat forgetting that fitness is 9 elements which we here at Equilibrium call E9 (get it? Equilibrium starts with an E and there’s 9…you get it).
You can go to a pilates class, work your core strength, flexibility and mobility and not break sweat but wow have you worked your body hard, you're raising your metabolic rate and gaining great posture.  You can attend a controlled TRX class, develop your strength, balance, muscular endurance 3 times week and look phenomenal without having to ring your t-shirt out with sweat after it finishes.
I’m not saying sweating is a bad thing, it’s a natural bodily process BUT what I am saying is calm down.  You can look amazing without trying to induce a heart attack each session.
There’s also an ownership factor.  You have to own your session guys.  We as trainers can give you the exercises and push you harder but you are the one in control of your body, you control the speed and effort level.  So if you want it, f*#king go for it and you’ll get your sweat on.