Breaking the internet...#CantStopTheFeeling

Ok so we didn't actually break the internet. But we felt what it was like to cause a mini storm on the damn thing! If you haven't already seen us barking about our #CantStopTheFeeling parody of Justin Timberlake's massive summer hit then you're either dead, phoneless, or just plain bored of us. 
Over the last 3 weeks Jay Brockway, Luke Buttle and I have worked tirelessly getting each of our clients to dance for 20 - 30 seconds each (easier said than done let me tell you) to Timberlake's new tune. So much fun was had each day and it seemed to bring the whole studio together in a cliched family montage experience. We loved it! When we launched it we put it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all the channels you'd expect to get as much exposure for our little family as possible. It's done well.  We're over 6000 views on YouTube (link below).
I got greedy, I got passionate. I wanted maximum reward for all the work we'd put it in.  A couple of people had turned their noses up at the video. I can't accept that.  It made me more determined. So I have a mate who knows someone who is friends with Justin Timberlake so I cheekily asked if he could get this friend to retweet. AND THEY BLOODY DID!! They retweeted and then JT picked it up and replied! Here's the conversation below. It's 4am in Spain where I'm on hols but I got up to go to the bathroom (because I'm old now) and noticed that we'd broken the internet a little...ok like one circuit.  I'm bouncing around like a kid unable to play the video because I need to be quiet!
Thank you and well done to all the clients who took part, to Luke for putting up with our egos for 3 weeks, to all the people who liked and retweeted and shared and WHATEVER, just for the love!
Honestly guys, if you're feeling low or caged or anything negative.  Put this song on.  Dance and sing in a room on your own and you'll feel a million dollars.  
The small town Welsh boys continue to rise.