Three Men And A Baby

If you don't follow us on Instagram then you won't have seen our three fighters that we train. If you do follow then you'll know them well. Visually at least.  
These guys are special in their own individual ways which ultimately make them so effective in the gym and the ring. 
Let's start at the beginning. Johnny Nelson. A mountain. Someone who crawled through the metaphorical Andy Dufresne shit and came out the other side a 7 year undefeated World Champion.
When you first meet Johnny he charms you immediately. He listens, he engages, his positivity infectious. He'd give you his last tenner if he could. Behind the warmth, a warrior and an unwavering obedience in training that Jay and I have never experienced. If we told him run into a wall ten times, the trust is there, he would.
The guy has no quit in him. None. I've seen Jay unleash hell on him and he just keeps coming back for more. I honestly think if we told him do a million push ups he would camp in the studio for years until he did it, such is his training ethic and mettle. He's listened, learned and if you see him now on Ringside he looks athletic, lean and most importantly upright with great posture. He could easily fight tomorrow at his current fitness level. 
Then we come to Leon Mckenzie. This guy has already done it! He's been a premiership footballer and even knocked one in against the great Man Utd. Still, he feels he has something to prove. He's fought through depression and other difficulties but when he's training, and I'm not sure he realises this himself, it's his darkness that drives him. He has this hunger and need to stay ahead of himself all the time and that takes him to darker places in the gym and the ring that others won't go. He will go further than YOU if it kills him, but he'll beat you.
Challenging for the English title this year Leon has tripled his strength and power with us. I urge you. Watch his next fight, he'll be dangerous.  The recurring theme across all our guys is that they are humble, generous and always up for a laugh.  Leon is a great guy above all.  
And finally we come to Dillian Whyte.  Publicly, the bad guy, in truth the gentlest giant you will ever meet.  Another gentleman, Dillian is the phoenix rising from the flames.  A bigger blog is needed for this but Jay and I were there the night he lost to Anthony Joshua.  He was 65% fit back then and very nearly caused an upset.  He was injured, had surgery and is now training with us to get his conditioning back.  I say back, it's gone passed what ever it was before.  Jay has worked wonders.  
But it's Dillian and his determination that really catches the eye.  He is a perfect example of a lesson learned.  And that shows the head on his shoulders. He thought he could out brawl Joshua but he came up against an honed athlete with a huge team behind him.  He knew what he'd lacked and now he's put that right in coming to us and a new boxing coach.  He's open about his loss, it's admirable.  Let me make this clear.  On the the road back to Joshua, Dillian will run through his opponents inside 4 rounds.  He's a different beast now, but a beast nonetheless. If you see him in the studio he'll shout "Champ!" and a champion he will be.
Sometimes when you're looking for inspiration you can find it in the people you train.  Come down some time guys and watch these three men train in our baby.  I guarantee you it will make you want to jump into a session immediately and run through walls to achieve your goals.   
And finally the soppy bit.  Jay and I don't just train them, we look after them because inevitably at Equilibrium, they've become our friends.
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