A Happier Life

Guest blog by 6 year client Anya Bloom.
I will be 50 in 6 months time. 9 years ago my best friend told me I was too fat. I was 12 stone 7 lbs, a size  16 ( in jaeger) , smoking and unable to run 100 metres.
My friend booked us in to a local Pilates studio. It was laughably impossible. A couple of classes later I went to a class taken by Niko. His class was inspirational. I asked him if he would help me with some personal training and he agreed.
It has been a very slow journey. Niko and Jay have been remarkably patient. Not once have they suggested they would give up on me. We have trained in the pissing rain in the park, in testosterone stink in council gyms, off the doors of my flat, the streets of London and most recently in their gorgeous studio.
I am thrilled to say I am now fit and strong. I am not now and will never be skinny. I drink and eat. However I now make better choices and have tools that will enable me to stay fit for life.
There are very few people that make a long term difference to your life. Niko and Jay have done that for me. I am sure they are brilliant technically. That is not what I notice or understand. That is just what goes on when you are with them. What I notice, need and get is engagement , empathy, support, humour ( a lot of humour) and long term buy in. That's what they have given me in spades. Who else in London cares that much ?
I am now a person that packs a kit in a holiday bag and goes for a run when I get there. Extraordinary.
I am confident that because of them I will be fit for life and because of me I will be a bit fat. But I bet I can pike more than you.