Tiny but STRONG

I met Jay 3 years ago at Bootcamp Pilates, I’d just given up smoking, gained weight and felt incredibly weak and unfit.  I eUentually swallowed my fear and started PT sessions with him and haven’t looked back.  What got me about this guy is how passionate he is about teaching the functional movements and knows my strengths/weaknesses.  He changes the weaknesses into strengths and makes you think “wow I can do that”!  The poor guy has had to deal with not only my 2 slipped discs in my back but at the fact at how unfit and unsure about myself I was, so my journey with Jay has been interesting! 
The pain in my back was unbelievable; I’d get pins and needles in my legs during the day, during the night I’d have to take several painkillers in order to get a few hours of sleep.  I went to the best specialists in London and they all told me that I needed to have an urgent back operation after having years of physio.  Nothing worked – not Pilates, Yoga or any other low level activity classes.  After around 4 months of training with Jay, my pain disappeared and I finally started to get a full nights’ sleep!  Yes, I was in pain, I was sore and the most incredible DOMs you can imagine but nothing in comparison to the pain before.  Anyone that tells you lifting weights will make a woman “big” or “bulky” is crazy, I never started to train with these guys to lose weight, just to get strong – any of you that have seen me will know how tiny I am, but know not to underestimate me!
I train with Jay twice a week, sometimes more and it’s one of the things I look forward to the most.  I love listening to him breaking movements down to me, laughing and crying during those incredibly hard, horrible workouts, coming out always smiling at the end!  I’m always worked to my limit and am constantly learning from both Jay and Niko.
Niko combined with Jay is a formidable force – if you have ever come in and done a session that combines the TRX, Skierg and the barbell you will know what I’m talking about.  This place is like a family, I’ve made some great friends and they both really care about their clients. 
Training is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to push you and leave you feeling great – the combo of these two is great, while one is pushing you to your max, the other is either winding you up or making you laugh through your workout, an amazing tag team!
I love the fact that although I look small and tiny, I’m super strong and it’s thanks to these two!
With Jay, when he tells me to do 10 squats I don’t question him, when in the middle of a rep he changes and says “actually I’ve changed my mind do 20 instead” I just do it, no point in thinking about it – it’s served me well and he’s trained me well.