1 year at Equilibrium

I wrote a blog over at www.nikoalgieri.com/blog called 7 years telling the story of how Jay and I came to the point of opening Equilibrium Total Balance.  It's a great story that I'm proud of but, we're a year on now guys and oh what a year it's been. 
Our clients, some who've been with me 7 years have stuck with us whilst we found our feet…and the bloody electricity! Everything we could have got wrong in opening the studio we did get wrong. But we opened and its gone from strength to strength. Bar a couple of holidays we've both worked 7 days a week for a year and our energy is still coursing through our veins. The momentum is picking up and we're even more excited now than we were before.
Our method is working. We knew it would because we're walking examples of it. We live it. Total balance. 9 elements of fitness that accumulate to make our clients' lives happier. They're some of the most capable clients in London because that's how they're trained, for any scenario in any element of fitness. But what it also does is breed confidence, a posture of strength and adaptation to face any life situation.  
Our classes, TRX Total body are creating human machines, athletes of ClassPass. They come 3 times a week and the changes are staggering. To be graphic, the girl’s bums are all anti-gravity, their stomachs are flat and toned and their legs are to die for. The guys look like they're carved out of stone. I love shouting "everyone lift into a plank" and boom. 11 people suspended in mid-air, full hollow body gymnastic planks, rigid and ready to obey any command we give them. It's beautiful. And why do they do it? The proof is in the pudding, it works.
TRX is at the core of what we do but we utilize all fitness disciplines to make the most adaptable humans out there. We have the Vertimax, the assault bike, the Skillmill, the rip trainer, kettlebells, Olympic bars and rings, slam balls, Skierg. We never settle for less and it shows in our equipment. Our clients are our family and we look after them as if they were our own. 
What next? We want more. More studios. More clients. More opportunities to make a difference in someone's life, to watch the shock in their face when they achieve something they never thought possible or to finally wake up tomorrow pain free from that old back, knee or shoulder injury.