Realisation In Rome

Name drop time!  I’m just returning from Rome training the fabulous Rita Ora.  But whilst out there I got a bit lazy and lowered the levels on one of my E9, 9 elements of fitness. 

We’ll start from the beginning.

I fly out 9:35am Tuesday morning so obviously before that all I’d done is sleep, eat and go to the airport.  Then I sat on a cramped flight writing emails I couldn’t possibly send and working out what crazy Instagram montage we could make next.  After this was a frightening taxi ride in which the driver checked her phone 80% of the time which makes me ask is she the best or worst driver ever?  Once I’d arrived at the hotel I unpacked, freshened up, walked a little bit around Rome and ate pasta.  Not good so far. 

By the time my client had arrived for her session at 7:30pm I had wasted a day not doing much physically.  The session was great (even if I do say so myself) which brought me to 9pm.  I was wiped out. No training. Sleep.

The next session on Wednesday was at 9pm so again I had no access to a gym (no excuse mind you) to train.  The point I’m making here is that in close to 48 hours I hadn’t really ‘moved’ as my body is supposed to. When did I realise this? Well 45mins before my client arrived at 9pm I hooked my trusty TRX on the door and dropped into a squat, JESUS! My hips! They were so tight it felt like someone had poured rust into them.  

In the 48 hours previous I’d not done a squat, a lunge, a split, not worked any of my natural and fundamental mobility and boy did it show. My heels lifted off the floor, my knees collapsed inwards, back rounded, embarrassing.

So I dropped onto a mat.  I dynamically stretched my hips, hamstrings, quads and glutes. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I squatted again and boom, technically beautiful, well in my eyes anyway. I felt so much better. The session went great and it made me remember why Jay, Luke, and now Tom instil the E9 ethos at Equilibrium. It works. It makes you the natural athlete you were born to be. No aches or pains or stiffness and back problems. Just pure movement and strength. Think of each your 9 elements of fitness (see above graphic) as a petrol tank. You need to top up each element constantly to be at peak fitness or they’re going to be empty and useless.

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