The thing is… If you don’t know what TRX is, then unfortunately, you and I are going to operate on different planes from the start of this blog.  Let’s try and catch you up. If you’re into fitness and you’re looking for inspiration, then look at TRX and research its origin, how its developed into a fitness movement and turned in to what should be considered THE best training tool on the planet.  I will argue that with anyone until I’m blue in the face.  There is only one thing on earth more dynamic and adaptable within exercise than the TRX and that’s your body.  So combine them.

So firstly you guys need to meet Randy Hetrick.  Former Navy Seal Commander.  I’ve met and spoke to Randy on numerous occasions.  He’s one of those guys that you know has a fire inside him.  He’s inspiring, an innovator, a warrior, a businessman, and most of all he treats everyone like they’re a friend or member of his family. So without further ado, meet Randy.  This is a clip he put together for me with a days’ notice so I could share his story at the recent fitness EXPO in Glasgow:

Now.  Our TRX story.  Hopefully, it will inspire you.

I was ‘good’ personal trainer 9 years ago. I understood bodybuilding or hypertrophy training.  I had zero clients and started my job at Bootcamp Pilates.  I learned about guiding the body through thirty different moves in one 50 minute class.  How to finesse a client into achieving movements they never thought possible BUT I needed an outlet for this new skillset.  Weights were not going to take me there. 

Enter my father, Renzo Algieri to the story.  He was selling protein supplements at the time and one of the companies gave him a T-REX as he called it.  He handed it to me.  I said no thanks.  I can’t believe I said that. The piece of equipment that would change my life and career.  Anyway, after some convincing, I took it. I NEVER looked back.  I hooked that thing around a tree, applied my training knowledge and my new found pilates skillset and shifted my personal training into functional movement away from aesthetics.

Fast forward 7 years and Jay and I now have 11 TRX hanging from the ceiling of our studio teaching classes, creating original movements, our method has caught on growing a small but dedicated fanbase on Instagram

Suspension training is a total body, complete core engaging workout that allows for beginners to develop strength right through to super athletes being challenged to the Nth degree.

And you know what its FUN.  You could train TRX every day for 365 days and each workout can be different.  Different in intensity, movement patterns, strength, power, speed, flexibility.  Fitness can be repetitive and boring.  TRX takes that boredom away and challenges you.

Listen to Randy again.  Be inspired.  And if not…find something that does inspire you.