Clientspiration 2

52 years old.  Mother of 3.  Jill Mukherjee is the unsung heroine of EQ. 

Originally a lass from Newcastle Jill only found exercise 7 years ago but looking at her physique and attitude to fitness you would swear she’s a lifer…

I first met Jill after she reluctantly joined a circuit I used to run in Hyde Park.  It was a simple shuttle run workout with bodyweight exercises.  Around 8 ladies would turn up rain or shine and take all the abuse I’d give them.  I had a ball.  Jill fooled me.  I thought she’d been exercising for years but it turned out I was basically her first foray into fitness after discovering group dance classes maybe a year earlier.

Anyway.  Why is this woman so inspiring? Firstly, she’s one of those angels that mothers everyone around her.  She looks after her family, friends and even Jay and I like we are all her children.  She cares.  That’s her personality.  For me, it’s her ability as a fitness enthusiast that shines through.

Look at her body!

Jill has the body of a 25yr old and the stamina to match.  When she mixes and matches her sessions with different friends she is always the fastest to recover, can stick with any rep range of the partner and will gladly try a new exercise no matter how complex.  She’s been with me 7 years now and I’m always amazed at this woman. 

Through wear and tear, Jill has picked up few injuries along the way.  Did it stop her?  Did it hell.  She’s trained 2 to 3 times a week consistently since I’ve known her.   She also dances 3 times a week.  I honestly think if I removed all of her limbs she’d still turn up to EQ and demand to do some core.

I trained her Tuesday this week.  I put her through intense weighted legs TRX, upper body, aesthetics abdominal work and sprints on the SkillMill.  She is nothing short of immense.  If you haven’t stepped onto the SkillMill yet then you’re still on intermediate treadmills. That thing is running on a different level and Jill destroys it fearlessly. If you’re lucky to be in the studio with Jill training watch in awe.  And also check out those glutes!