There’s an aura around EQ at the moment, a buzz, an excitement. It’s an anticipation of the future that both trainers and clients feel once they’ve been in the same room as this man.

13 months ago I’m at a boxing event at the York Hall, East London to watch Dillian Whyte, a boxer who used to train with us, do a media workout.  Whilst he was moving and punching in the ring performing for the media, I get introduced to this 6ft plus quiet, young, boxer. Nice guy. I gas about him coming down to EQ for a session with Jay and he sounds excited, but, like a lot of boxers isn’t that clued up on strength and conditioning. This is a whole other blog.  Anyway, he accepts. 

I message Jay;

Me: “Bro. Just met some boxer called Isaac Chamberlain. Know him?”

Jay: “Think I’ve seen him once yeah. Why?”

Me: “He wants to come and try a session Monday”

A journey begins.

So Isaac Chamberlain started to train at EQ with Jay.  He was clearly a talent.  Strong, fast, and very smart. We watched his movement as we do with all of the boxers, analyse their elements of fitness.  Then we give him the truth.  He wasn’t strong ENOUGH, he wasn’t fast ENOUGH, he wasn’t fit ENOUGH.  We needed to break him down, strip him down to basics.

I’ll come back to his training.  Let’s talk about his career.

Throughout his career, Isaac has been doubted.  Treated as the supply boxer for his first five fights, expected to lose EVERY time.  Guess what?  He beat them.  Watch Isaacs first 5 fights on YouTube. Watch his heart. The man will not be defeated, he has no quit in him.  It’s quite something to behold.  His fifth fight.  He dislocated his right arm, his main weapon, in the second round.  For me, that’s fight over, bye bye. They popped it back in for him and he fought on, injured, and won a war with a seasoned boxer.   This established him on the UK boxing scene and catapulted him to the top 15 in the domestic rankings.

Fantastic Niko. What happened next? Isaac became famous yes?  Got all the big fights and earned a shed load of cash yeah? No…

…Callum Scott – Dancing On My Own starts to play in the blog background…

…unfortunately not people.  Isaac, before he met us, was a skilled, super-fast boxer but, some would say, lacking in that lethal punch to knock guys out.  We’ve heard boxers and promoters say this numerous times.  I’ll accept that for the first five fights.  I’ll also say that for his first five fights Isaac didn’t have a team around him like all the other boxers out there that have questioned his power.  He doesn’t have the financial backing that so many top boxers have access to.  The man is a true grinder.

Fast forward to now. My oh my people. Jay has done an unbelievable job.  Over 12 months Isaac has opened his ears, nodded, and taken everything we’ve thrown at him.  He’s been broken, rebuilt and educated on what his body needs in training, and the fuel it needs to succeed at the top.  The transformation is stark.  The almost skinny cruiserweight who walked through the door shoulders forward and muscles tired 12 months previous is now a robot with unflinching confidence.  To step into the ring with Isaac now is to face an athlete armed with speed, strength and a new found power. 

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.  He’s now undefeated in 9 fights ranked 6 in the UK and KO’d his last 3 opponents. 

In the background of all this, there’s been a rivalry growing.  Ex Olympic boxer and one of Eddie Hearns Golden Boys, Lawrence Okolie, has been calling Isaac out for over a year trying to get a hype fight.  It’s worked.  On Feb 3rd, 2018 Isaac will fight Lawrence at the O2 arena as the headline fight.  It’s an amazing achievement for Isaac who’s been ignored for a very very long time.  I can tell you right now he’s still being doubted.  He’s odds on to lose.  Why? I‘m certainly no expert but I’ll have a stab.

Olympic pedigree + Anthony Joshua managed = $$$ for Eddie Hearn.  It’s a business so Matchroom have thrown their weight behind Lawrence.  Makes sense.

However, watch Okolies fights. The difference in opponents is massive. He was basically matched up against men who looked like they were introduced to boxing the day before.  He knocked most of them out in the first/second rounds. I will grant him one victory over Isaacs path. He knocked a guy out faster than Isaac did. 

So with his reputation built he now faces our man in February.  Don’t get me wrong, Okolie is a talent but he’s not even on the same planet as Isaac in skill and now because of us, strength.  The fabled big right hand hasn’t connected with a man built like Isaac. He’s a wall of muscle. So far he’s only hit sponge.  I guarantee, come Feb 3rd, watch the micro-expression of shock when he first lands on Isaac.  Remember I said that.

As for the excitement and anticipation around EQ at the moment?  It’s not this fight we’re looking forward to. This one’s a win.  It’s the next 10 fights when Isaac starts to dominate the Cruiserweight division and conquers the world, that’s the excitement.

CT Fletcher always says that to be successful at something you have to be obsessed.  Isaac takes that to a different level.  He’s possessed.