Fitness vids that aren’t boring or at least look like some effort has been made...

Pithy title huh?

On the @weareequilibrium Instagram we make some fitness vids, some funny vids (depending on your taste of course) and then some vids that take the piss out of this ridiculous industry.

I’ve been asked, a lot recently, how we make and our videos and usually the standard in this world is to hide the secrets and save them for yourself.  I should do…but I won’t.  I won’t because it’s not really a big secret.  You already have all the tools at your disposal it’s just that I’VE made the effort over the last 2 years at the studio to play around with it all.

I’m far from an expert.  There are professional Instagram influencers out there who make amazingly better stuff.  But people have asked so why not share the wealth so to speak? Have a read and take notes if you want to make a video than isn't your mate or your other half circling you like a demented buzzard in the gym pointing the camera at your arse crack and posting it with Kendrick Lamar over the top of it (I’m down with the kids mate).

What I Own:

Canon 80d with the 18-55mm kit lens: This is £1000.  Now don’t be scared of this price.  Jessops do an interest-free 12 or 24 monthly so it breezes passed at 70-80 a month.  I still maintain this has been the greatest purchase of Equilibrium.  It improved the quality of Instagram by a mile. Link for you below:

If you're doing any talking then defintitely add this mic if you;re on a budger:



Any Mac: We’ve all got one.  You have iMovie for free in the apps on this laptop and that’s what I use to edit.  Link below to learn the basics:

A Mobile Phone:  I’m almost certain you have one of these.  Whether it’s an iPhone with a terrible camera or the Samsung S8 like me with a camera that just kicks ass you can easily film your unoriginal movement and upload to Instagram immediately.  They all have editing software in them where you can cut and add music but I much prefer iMovie as it’s a touch more sophisticated.  What’s also great about iMovie is that you can speed the music up like some Instagram stars allowing them to post videos without the risk of copyright infringement.

What I Do

Hit the Angles: So my favourite vids that I see and that we make are the 1 x movement at multiple angles shot where the cuts seem to seamlessly capture one complete movement when in fact you’ve painstakingly used 5 shots and movements.  Here’s one we made earlier:

Speed it up

No matter how good you think you move or look.  It’s fitness, it’s essentially a repeated movement snooze fest so just hit the little clock button on iMovie and give it a little 20% speed increase.  EVERYONE does it so get in line good people.  If you’re wondering WHO does it, watch their videos and keep your eye on the people in the background brushing their hair and moving their legs at World War Z alarming rate.

Sound isn’t always key

The imagery is more important than the music.  Most of the time the kind people of Instagram will protect artists and stop your video from posting so don’t worry.  If the movement catches eyeballs the music is not circumstantial.  But if you must choose, choose music that aligns with the feel.  DON’T just conform and put the latest moaning rapper on it.  Use Aqua, Barbie Girl.

There are far more factors to take into account when filming like lighting and distance but to be honest I’m about to have Sunday Lunch and feel I’ve given you enough to get on with!