High Definition

3 weeks ago we took this picture...

As you can see compared to the average Joe, fairly muscular and athletic with some definition. Happy.

Now we were watching our food carefully for a few weeks before and that made huge difference. You can see the oblique and deltoid cuts with at least a hint of a six pack.  Fast forward 3 weeks I have to say in my case that definition has slipped somewhat.  Why? DIET! 

The Equilibrium nutrition plan works.  It's not a diet but a habitual mindset.  I slipped.  I got myself busy with work and other developments and started slipping ever so slightly back to the dark side...gluten and sugar.  

A couple of trips to the Granger and Raouls, two beautiful restaurants, and my trusty obliques and shoulder cuts were on their way down the street waving back at me smiling.

If you're looking a vanity physique that's maintainable then there is NO secret.  Keep the gluten and the sugars low or non existent, have plenty of protein and good fats and 2 litres of water a day.  

"But my diet is sooooo clean and I still put on weight"

THEN NO IT ISN'T IDIOT!  Somewhere in your immaculate diet is a snack or habit that's removing your definition in favour of a more blancmange look.

I've lied to myself plenty of times as I'm sure you're doing right now reading this.  Strip your daily intake down into carbs, proteins and fats and honestly ask yourself is it as clean as it can be?

What is the Equilibrium nutrition plan Niko? Oh right so it's...

That'll cost you....