The Perfect Fitness Class

Teaching the perfect class

Way back when, at the old Beautcamp Pilates as it was then known, I used to teach an 11-person reformer Pilates class. God damn I was good. You had to book 3 weeks in advance to get into my class and even then there was a 15 person waiting list by the time the class came.

Why was it so good?  There is a group of elements that you can include in your classes to achieve the perfect class.  In my opinion here they are:

  • Greet with a smile and KNOW your client

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen them once or a thousand times you treat them like they are important to you, because they are! Know their name, know their injuries, know what happened to them in the last class and if they’ve changed their trainer lately. It’s a skill and I’ve always worked that way.

  • Create ‘The Team’ element

Two ways of doing this.  You’re either in this together, teacher and class OR you go for teacher VS. class which is usually my route.  You still encourage but you and they know you’re trying to break them.

  • The Music

Always have a storming playlist.  Don’t follow suit though, play what gets you pumped not necessarily the client because it’s your energy that needs to remain high to maintain quality of teaching.  You don’t have to copy the big boys and play constant bloody house music.  Throw a curve ball in to disrupt the norm, something slow or cheesy that makes the class groan in disgust.

  • Don’t destroy them

These clients are coming to train, get a benefit from you and ultimately feel good.  You don’t have to make them puke or collapse to their knees every time.  Be smart and build it up.

  • Educate

If you’re screaming about speed and jumping spinning burpees constantly for 45mins then you’re a moron at best.  At some level the client has to improve and learn. Whether it be technique or timing make sure they walk away having become fitter but also wiser with a new skill set.

  • Flow

The reason I’m writing this blog is because today I decided to teach a TRX class with the straps at ONE length for the whole class.  So there were barely any breaks just flow from one exercise seamlessly to another.  It takes practice and a catalogue of movements in your head that can be tied in a structured sequence on the fly.  You get this part down and your class will rise to the top of whichever nightclub you’re currently teaching at.

  • Create a Finale

The end of the class is near.  This is where you bring the hammer down.  BUT, again, don’t make it unachievable.  Make it hard enough that each and every client uses the last % of their battery to the last second.  They will hate and love you for it in equal amounts

So go forth class teachers of differing experience.  Take your classes to another level.  Disrupt the norm because if you don’t… WE WILL.