I turn up to Equilibrium half way through one of Jay Brockway’s sessions with a client last Thursday and they’re locked in a conversation about an inspiring fitness Instagram personality. It caught my attention because our client was saying she was inspired by a girl who’d lost a lot of weight and became an Instagram superstar…


Now far be it for me to tell people who or what inspires them.  That’s your choice.  However, as I was listening to her describe her so-called inspiration I couldn’t help thinking she had this backwards. Our clients inspire us.

This woman, who was inspired, is a nuclear bomb of inspiration.  She’s 37, she has three kids, one very young, a busy job, she exercises around 5 times a week and has COMPLETELY transformed her fitness ethos not to mention her physique.  The things she can now do in the gym are several thousand miles from where she started. She is simply, amazing. Our other clients that meet her are equally inspired and can’t believe the journey she has made in such a short time.

Back to her inspiration.  This girl has no job, takes a very nice picture of her arched back and spray tan, has an army of studios to flounce into for free each week along with sponsorship from leading food delivery companies and is in her early 20s.  She can wake up when she likes and train twice a day if she likes without any kids to drop off/pick-up/feed and worry about.  Her body wouldn’t have even heard of cortisol yet!  We'd all look amazing with this time on our hands. Yes she's dedicated I acknowledge that however...

...she probably went to university and got drunk for 3 years like we all did, piling on the pounds with a lack of nutritional knowledge and the kebab shop being 10 yards from her halls of residence.   In her early 20s her metabolism is like a racehorse burning calories all day and night like a steam train consuming its coal.  At that age range all she’d have had to do is tweak her diet, lay off the booze SEVEN times a week and hit the gym, she’d look amazing.  I did, it was easy at that age. 

 I suggest to you our lovely client that to gain the real inspiration you seek in life you need only look into a mirror.  YOU are the strength and the power you need.  You don’t need to gaze into the fake world of Instagram and find a physique you want.  You’re amazing.  In years to come, when the bubble bursts and the Insta stars fade away you’ll be left standing with your two 20kg Kettlebells hiked up to your chest lunging them like they were nothing, box jumping a 30inch obstacle that would have always stood in your way, throwing 20 TRX pikes in to a workout that, a few years ago when Niko wrote this blog, you struggled to do.

Remember Client A;

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.” Swami Sivananda

Your struggle inspires me.  Not the Instagram fluff.  They can’t even comprehend what you do each day to be as strong as you now are and REAL people can relate to that.