How Do I Start This?

We’ve written a few blogs/articles lately where we’ve discussed being a beginner in fitness and how to get started. We’ll list some of the tips we’ve given but we also want to revisit and make it a little clearer for you:

·      Start with machines to build a base strength and control of your muscles. Free weights when you’re a beginner are actually dangerous.

·      Find something you like, no matter silly or crazy you think it is, because you’re more likely to persevere and stick with it

·      Con or cheat a free session out an unwitting personal trainer

·      Patience – you’re new to this.  Give it time and like everything you’ll become more confident and adept

Now.  That’s all a bit bloggy and fluffy for our liking. They’re good tips (even if we do say so ourselves) but it is very here’s our top 10 blah blah stuff.  They’re quick hits.  Let’s delve into it a bit more.

We’ll try putting ourselves into a beginners’ shoes.  Niko is 35 now he's never exercised in his life..

"I did P.E. in school, I hated it.  I never played sport in university and I’ve spent the rest of my adult life working in an office and drinking every Thursday to Saturday religiously. Why the fuck would I want to start now?  Hang on my hips are aching when I sit down and stand up, my back takes around 3 hours to warm up once I get out of bed in the morning.  Also I ran up the stairs in work the other day and felt like I was going to die when I got to the top!  Ok it is time to start."

"Where do I start? I see people in work posting themselves doing workouts and doing all the classes in London. It pisses me off. Who are you impressing? But I’ll take a look at Instagram.  Fuck there’s so much choice. I haven’t got a clue where to start. Who’s good?  What’s good?  What’s the best for my zero fitness level?  Someone help…"

Truth time. Listen lazy ass. Calm down. We need to set this up right.  First thing’s first. Do you know how to squat?  You don’t?  That’s fine.  That’s where you start.  At Equilibrium your movement patterns start with the squat.  You learn to open your hips, control your core, keep your shoulders low and eyes forward.  Once you build an understanding around those fundamentals we can get you anywhere you want to go from there.  Seems simple huh?  It is that simple.  Start small, learn, and then develop OR go on Instagram and copy anyone of those loony toons out there doing bloody mountain climbers or jumping spinning burpees and put yourself in hospital.

Not everyone out there in social media land is loony mind you.  There are some real quality accounts out there that can help you if you know where to look:

@carlpaoli @shona_vertue

@bretcontreras1 @moveu_official

@lukewtraining @peteholman1

These are a select few but please do your own research if you can’t afford a personal trainer. Also if we’re talking just starting with your squat before progressing.  Take a look at this beautiful CrossFit Squat video because it is spot on.

Remember this is just a starting point.  Squatting and working on the mobility for a squat will fix ALL of the above problems that the imaginary lazy Niko would have had.  Once you’re on your way we would suggest working on your core, remembering that abs are a very small part of your core.  Our next post will be on core development and how best to approach it.

Jay and Niko