Netflix Generation

It’s been a while people and for that, I must apologise.  I’ve been busy hammering the social media which is going great guns. Also, I’ve been ill which sucks. My nose is still dripping as I write this.

Anyway, what did I want to talk about? Ah yes!

Last week I watched a prominent Instagram fitness star do a talk on motivation.  It was excellent but that’s not what caught my attention.  When the eager audience was asked if there were any questions for the knowledgeable fitpro (fitness professional), one in particular pricked my ears;

“I don’t know how much time I need to dedicate to all the things I want to achieve.  I want to be strong, lose weight, be flexible and do a handstand. Do you have any advice on this?”

The fitpro hit the nail on the head.  You have to prioritise.  I’d have been less eloquent and understanding. I’d have said;

“For God Sake choose one”

It’s a problem now that we all see as personal trainers and coaches.  It doesn’t apply to everyone but the majority of us are now the Netflix on demand generation.  We’ve all done it. You’ve scrolled through Instagram and seen some gymnast doing a flag off a goalpost or watched the extremely ripped and sombre looking Alexia Clark perform a TRX pike on a Swiss ball whilst doing little finger curls with a kettlebell and you’ve thought, that’s my next goal.  But then yesterday it was losing weight and last Thursday it was run a marathon in 5 minutes and the week before that…you get it.  We’re idiots.

We’ve all forgotten OR we didn’t know that all these things take time, dedication, consistency and patience.  That last part, patience. We just don’t have it anymore.  I have clients that come in and say my inner thighs are looking flabby can we focus on these because I have a party this weekend. Good luck. I’m on the beach next week can we do abs only. FOR FUCK SAKE.  These are intelligent human beings who have between 1 to 7 years of experience with me, I’ve taught them about spot reduction myth, fat loss and muscle building. Then they see a picture of someone on social media and their brains leak out of their heads. I want I want I want. It’s great that they want to achieve something but not everything.  We have to be realistic.

Take a pause.  What is your main goal?  I’ll tell you my own personal goal.  I want to be the best TRX trainer and user in the world.  I know I’m close because I’ve worked on it for 10 years. 10 YEARS guys.  I’ve done over 20,000 hours of teaching on it and probably trained myself about half that. I think it will take a little longer and I’m willing to work on it. Are you?

Time, dedication, consistency, patience. Set your goal. How much time will it take me?  Can I dedicate myself to this path?  How often do I have to do this to be consistent? Am I patient enough to wait for the result? If you’re not, then stop saying that’s what you want and keep watching other people do it.

Niko (grumpy and ill)