Treat Your Fitness Like A Computer Game

“Oh god he said the words computer game, I’m out!”

WAAAAAAAIT! Hear me out people. Something has changed in me lately, I’m open.  I’m receptive.  I listen to other opinions readily and without early judgement.  Those who know me well, know, that’s out of character.  Nonetheless it’s led me to this blog.

Due to my recently found receptiveness I’ve met some amazing people in the fitness and wellness arena and it’s made me listen, research, learn, agree, disagree but essentially its enriched my life for the last month.  

“What the FUCK are you talking about mate?”  you may ask.  Here it is. Having spoken to Mindfulness experts, Vegans, Nutritionists, Fighters, Yogis, Doctors, Crossfitters, Pilates trainers, Business coaches, News editors, I’ve come to realise one thing. There are so many experts/influencers out there with differing theories/programmes, how the hell are you supposed to choose what’s right for you?  I have an idea for us all.  Thank me later. 

Take a Role Playing Game on a game console.  STAY THERE non gamers.  In these games you start a with basic character.  They will generally have zero skill, physical attributes like strength and endurance.  Their mental capacity for things like negotiating or casting spells will also be at zero.  All these attributes I’ve mentioned can all improved by one thing, gaining EXPERIENCE POINTS (EXP points).  The more you interact with the game be it, fighting, buying, travelling, eating, collecting, learning your character gets awarded EXP points and starts to improve.  That’s what we’re all trying to do in life no?

We are always looking at the best and most efficient ways to train, the new healthy diet, the new adaptogenic protein smoothie, improved meditation apps, listening to self-help business geniuses.  Now I’ve tried all this lately, chatted to the corresponding influencer/expert in that field with an open mind.  I’ve added to my knowledge and skillset.  I’m certainly the fittest I’ve been in long time, I’m healthier and more mobile.  That’s me. I own a fitness studio and I’ve been training for 20 years so that’s a mild head start. However, we’re all in the same boat, we just start at different levels of experience points. 

Here’s my idea. The first thing your character in a game does and it’s what we all have to do every day. TAKE THE FIRST STEP.  Then take it from there.  Movement is the first thing we all have to do to survive. We need it to grow and adapt.  So let’s start there. Do a home workout. Do three sets of ten squats, three sets ten of push ups, three sets of thirty second plank and that’s done.  You’ve earned 10 EXP points and have improved yourself. Undebatable.

Now you build from there.  You’ve started journey, your game, your mission.  Stick with the exercise for now.  Follow the programme, discipline or influencer that you like and improve, get stronger and fitter.  Don’t overcomplicate.  Then once you’re comfortable and the exercise becomes habitual you add more EXP points.  Move on to understanding nutrition that improves your life. Nutrition is a bloody mine field that changes daily so again don’t overcomplicate. Follow a nutrition plan that is healthy, realistic, and non-processed and that’ll be enough to improve your overall wellness.  Once you’ve mastered staying on top of not ordering pizza every night then you start add more EXP points.  You’ve got options but choose ONE not several.  You can add more EXP to your fitness, become more advanced, study more nutrition options or look for another attribute to improve.  Maybe you’ll choose mindfulness, look to improve your mental capacity with brain training or meditation.  Remember to not take on too much you’ll get lost in the options. 

Gather EXP points slowly and you will become a vastly improved character in this game of life.  We all start from different levels but it’s about how you get to where you want to go.  Try it this week, have a look at your attributes, something you’re not happy with and choose ONE thing to help improve your life.

And…be open.