A 45-minute class or just a very complicated relationship?

Here’s a truth.  I’m a nightmare trainer when it comes to teaching classes.  I’m cocky, egotistical, rude, somewhat crass.  Of course, there’s a, however. However, I never ever miss anything because of those qualities. I’ll know everyone’s name in class and spot every technique flaw that occurs.  Otherwise, what’s the point in taking the abuse from me?

“Bold Claim Niko” I hear you cry.  Well, say.  Ok, well not say but think.

Now besides my bragging, what this leads to this week was a metaphorical discovery.  A 45minute class is a representation of a relationship with a loved one.  Also, strangely enough, I can’t completely take the credit for the amazing blog you’re about to read.  The class members that helped me stumble on this slice of genius are Joanna, Al, Stephanie, Jay, Aciele, Martin, Kels, Kirsty, and Emma.

Let’s talk this through.  You walk into a fitness studio and your partner/trainer greets you.  It’s a first date and everyone’s out to impress, on their best behaviour with smiles and pleasantries. 

You’re shown around the studio/apartment for the first time highlighting the key areas like the toilet and the shower (you never know).  You take off your coat, offered water and then chat a bit more. 

First date over we’re really moving now. It’s walking through the park together enjoying each other’s positivity and vibrancy/the class warm up.  You’re learning each other’s body and language patterns and looking forward to spending time together.

ASIDE:  This is not applicable to all.  Some clients are as much of a nightmare as I am and the relationship is already off to a bad start because you don’t know what left, right or arm or leg is.  You know who you are!

Anyway, the session starts with a bang (pun intended).  The movements are crisp and energetic/the sex is good.  There’s great music, there’s a bit of dancing, touching (appropriately or inappropriately, studio dependant) and your friends love him/her. 

Things start to heat up.  The class trainer or your bf/gf starts turning the heat up and becoming more serious.  They’re asking you to move in/do a pistol squat? Are you serious mate?  Is it a little too much too soon? Try it, it may work.

The relationship/class starts to get tough and testing.  I hate this person’s voice and that joke they keep repeating is killing me!  I’ll give it another go.  There’s ups, there’s downs/Pikes, push-ups, jump squats but you get through it together with a lot of sweat, tears and shouting.  But together nonetheless.

There’s one final push to make the relationship solid. A Marriage, a baby, a new house/Tabata squats and rows.  It really pushes your love to the limit and then finally we’re through to the other side.  The cool down.  We’ve made it together through thick and thin and now we’re a team.  Trained to be strong, reliant but also independent.  The stretch at the end is the twilight of the relationship where you both look at each other with a knowing nod and think either, I love you OR don’t call me I’ll call you.  The point is, at least you showed up and tried.

Niko Algieri.